Color Coding, Creativity and Calendars- Oh My!



I have stated in earlier posts the importance of keeping things simple, however this is a relative expectation. For some it means one thing and others, something entirely different. Recently, I have had an epiphany about my planner style. After exploring and enjoying a bit of overly expressive calendar decorating in my planner, I have come to the conclusion that my goal for my planner is sweet, sane, simplicity. I need functional, reliable, basic layouts, with an emphasis on text not image. I prefer black and white. Or actually off white. Many of my Planner friends have extremely complicated color coding systems, in my opinion. But the fact is, it is not complicated to them. And that is all that matters. I prefer very simple highlighter accents. I have been using a very simple color coding system for a couple of months. I don’t use a lot of post its or stickers, because I realize they distract me. I use them but minimally. So, I am a “minimalist” planner person. I prefer to express my creativity more in my journal, or through other creative endeavors.

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