Dear New Year

    Dear New Year, I know some people call you Happy, but I think that is rather presumptuous. Not that I am against you being happy, I actually think that is not a bad start. But the fact is, it seems to set the stage for some unrealistic expectations, at least from where I’mContinue reading “Dear New Year”

Because…Sometimes Rest is the Best Choice

      Because, my eyes can barely stay open, after two and a half hours of sleep in the past three days. I think I’m hitting the wall, but there’s just one more thing I can squeeze in. Because 5 minutes of writing seems like a good thing to do, despite my heavy lids.Continue reading “Because…Sometimes Rest is the Best Choice”

On Finishing Well (or just trusting God)

  I’ve always longed for a Happy Ending. Not a Happy Meal, but you know, that end that all little girls dream about in their deepest places. The places that get pressed down, shushed and forgotten. I’ve settled most of my life for glorious beginnings. And I’ve had quite a few. The fact is, it’sContinue reading “On Finishing Well (or just trusting God)”