What is “Spiritual Whitespace” ?

  Pain. Who wants it? None of us. Who would want to bring up the painful past, anyway? Isn’t everything better when we press on, fight the good fight, stiff upper lip, let the past stay in the past, right? Stuff it back there in the way, way back, of the dark closet. Forget aboutContinue reading “What is “Spiritual Whitespace” ?”

Mary Demuth is Not Marked (Finding Hope and Healing After Sexual Abuse)

Mary Demuth’s new book called Not Marked- Finding Hope and Healing After Sexual Abuse is one of the most candid and powerful books I have read on the topic of Sexual Abuse. Although Mary has published a number of books, this is the book Mary was meant to write. This is her calling, and gift toContinue reading “Mary Demuth is Not Marked (Finding Hope and Healing After Sexual Abuse)”