In The Waiting Room


This is a prayer I wrote for my mom in my journal…

My mind often thinks in melody, stanza, verse. I don’t know why…it just processes that way. It sort of just comes …I think it is my most intimate communication with the Living God.

May these words encourage you to pray with pen on paper, allowing whatever comes to come.


One Eye on the Horizon


May these words encourage you on the path you travel today…


The Journey Begins



“Written prayer is the key to my consistent conversation with the Lover of my soul. It is an intimacy that I can enjoy anytime, anyplace. I simply open my journal, lift my pen and pour out my heart.” ~ Lynn D.  Morrissey

Today is the day. Grab your backpack and water bottle. Eat your Wheaties. Focus. No extra baggage. It is not complicated to meet with Jesus. I promise it’s not. The hardest thing will be staying on the path. Keep it simple, and do not burden yourself with extraneous details or materials. Bible, Pen, Journal. OK, you can have a couple of pens…just nothing that will distract you from hearing Him. OH, and Coffee. But, mine usually gets cold. If you have not yet, consecrated your Journal, start today. Simply, take it to God in prayer. That is what we will be doing. Are you ready to jump in.

If you want to know more about what journey I am referring to, read this: Journal Your Journey [with Jesus].

To read the weekend post (which published just under the wire at 11:57 PM last night read this: Consecrating Your Journal for the Journey

To hit the ground running, read on… More

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