The Pressure of Profundity and the Plight of One Dimensional Living

   “If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are.”  Mother Theresa So, we are halfway through this journey  of Write 31 Days, and I’m at the point when I am wondering if anyone is reading these posts. Wondering if I should even be attempting thisContinue reading “The Pressure of Profundity and the Plight of One Dimensional Living”

Organic Writing

photo credit: kbetty Growth via photopin (license)   Welcome to the halfway point of our journey through 31 Days of Writing in October. My topic: Writing Redeemed. The title of this series is meaningful yet vague enough to leave lots of wiggle room! Today I am sharing some thoughts on how I define my relationshipContinue reading “Organic Writing”

Addressing Death While Walking with a Boy?

About that title- don’t worry! These are just a merging of the two poems I  will read for you today! My special treat for you. I am giving the gift of poetry to you…but you can just listen. I spent a bit of time recording some spontaneous poetry readings earlier. I did one on PeriscopeContinue reading “Addressing Death While Walking with a Boy?”

What The Rose Knows

  One year ago today I wrote about the lesson I learned from the beautiful peach rose at the end of our walkway. Today, the post, which I shared on my blog, showed up in my Facebook feed and I read my own words from exactly one year ago. Ironically, I had just come inContinue reading “What The Rose Knows”