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Welcome to the halfway point of our journey through 31 Days of Writing in October. My topic: Writing Redeemed. The title of this series is meaningful yet vague enough to leave lots of wiggle room!

Today I am sharing some thoughts on how I define my relationship with my writing.


What Are You Writing?



 “This is a test of the Emergency Writers System. The writers of your area in voluntary cooperation with the federal, state and local writing authorities have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of a writing emergency.”


Addressing Death While Walking with a Boy?


About that title- don’t worry! These are just a merging of the two poems I  will read for you today! My special treat for you. I am giving the gift of poetry to you…but you can just listen.

I spent a bit of time recording some spontaneous poetry readings earlier. I did one on Periscope and the other on my Facebook Page  @ Enthusiastically, Dawn.

Both of these poems are from the the anthology our local RI group of writers published earlier in the year.

I hope you enjoy them. Pardon the chair turning during the Facebook reading…I  should never sit in a twisty chair while reading poetry!


Swallowing Hard the Pill of Rejection


Artistic rejection is like taking cod liver oil; they say it’s good for you, you know they’re right, but it can be still tough to swallow. ~Ian Semple


Let’s just be honest here. Rejection sucks. I know, I’m supposed to say something like, all writers deal with rejection, and it’s all part of the journey, but here’s what I think: It sucks.

No one likes to be rejected or have their work rejected. I mean, no one that I  know. Do you know anyone who enjoys rejection? I don’t think so. OK, so now that we are clear that you know exactly what I think about rejection, I will now slip into my Big Girl Writing Panties and tell you how I am learning to swallow the disgusting pill of rejection regularly.


Beginning of the End (Guest Post by Jack Barry)

Today, I am bringing to you all another share from my wacky, wonderful and amazing Writer’s Group. Um, the wacky component probably is my part, so let’s leave the wonderful and amazing to the rest of the authors, dreamers and friends I hang out with most Thursday mornings, when life isn’t throwing me another curve ball.

Jack Barry is a local legend in these parts, especially noted for his feisty offerings of politically provocative prose which will certainly gain a rise from you one way or another. He is well-loved in our group for his wit and quiet but faithful presence. Last week he surprised us all with a poetic offering. Which only leads us to believe, there is nothing Mr. Barry can’t write.


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