My Journaling Roots: Books on Journaling

  Today, I’m reaching back in time and sharing my strongest journaling influences. In my early twenties, I worked full-time in the fitness field as a Personal Trainer, and Fitness Instructor. Eventually I  held the position of Personal Training Director, helping to mentor and train up and coming staff and other fitness influencers in thatContinue reading “My Journaling Roots: Books on Journaling”

Remembering Your First Journal

      How does one begin a journey? By taking the first step. First steps, those earliest beginnings of what will be, could be. First steps are like possibilities unknown. We take them despite fear, anticipating an unseen outcome. We take them with hope and one at a time. First steps are like theContinue reading “Remembering Your First Journal”

Writing Through All Seasons

  Here we are on Day 31 of #write31days in October. If you have followed me…and I suspect I have a total of three people reading my posts for this series. I could be wrong, but it really doesn’t matter. I know this will be my last year participating.

Seasons of the Writing Life: Season 4- Harvest

      Welcome to the final installment in the 4 Seasons of the Writing Life. Before I share my thoughts on the fourth season of the writing life, I want to ask you some questions. Have any of the prior seasons described resonated with you? Have you recalled passing through or feeling stuck in oneContinue reading “Seasons of the Writing Life: Season 4- Harvest”