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Treasuring the Quiet Moments with Jeanne Doyon

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My fellow sister in Christ and Blogging, Jeanne Doyon, is sharing a series on fighting the chaos and treasuring the quiet moments this Holiday Season. I am there today as a guest and sharing some thoughts on Worship as well as two poems to help prepare your heart for Christmas.

I know you will be blessed by the series which features a number of wonderful writers.

Head on over and read today’s post there by CLICKING HERE! 


Quietude as Worship (5MFF)

photo credit: MightyBoyBrian via photopin cc

photo credit: MightyBoyBrian via photopin cc

“O LORD, my heart is not lifted up;
my eyes are not raised too high;
I do not occupy myself with things
too great and too marvelous for me.”

~ Psalm 131:1

Here we are, approaching fast the end of another year. The days that spread out from September through December are like scattered stones thrown out numerous, until the crisp air beckons scarves for our necks, and the falling leaves remind us that another year is almost past. The pace of our routines and return to order, after Summer,  make way for new beginnings and sometimes endings. Between the school, sports and activities schedules we find ourselves carried through noisy, boisterous, busy days, and these too are gifts. But, November begs us to give pause; gives us permission to prioritize the precious. Not that we shouldn’t daily, but there are days that press us tight and we forget. Between runny noses, crowded mini-vans, and orchard runs, we fall into beds, blessed but yearning.

Join me for this special invitation to quietness and rest for the upcoming week at 5 Minutes for Faith

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A Treasury of Praise Quotes

photo credit: {Salt of the Earth} via photopin cc

photo credit: {Salt of the Earth} via photopin cc

 “Praise is like preventative medicine, constantly reminding us of His attributes, character, names and how He relates to our needs. It is a regular tune-up in our understanding of Him so that we are not deceived by lies and misconceptions. Praise focuses on the genuine God so that the counterfeit “gods” of this world are exposed.”

~Fern Nichols/ Moms in Prayer Leader’s Guide

As many of you know I am starting September and my 50th year off with a determination to be praising the days away. Of course you do realize that this means I get to daily experience a test   an opportunity, when I least expect it, that would turn me toward the “oh, so draining” grumbling and complaining mode. But, I am purposing to press the PAUSE button…make that the DELETE button, as soon as I catch myself. Right then and there I turn my Pause into a Praise and let the God who is Faithful set me back on my feet again.


Worshipping in the Throng (5 Minute Friday: Worship)

Sometimes it is hard for me to worship with a roomful of Believers. Maybe it’s my ADHD, maybe it’s my flesh, maybe it’s the enemy (I’m sure) but maybe it’s just harder to hear Him where there is so much commotion. Yet, because I know it is His will, I push back the distraction of the slim hips standing in front of me (how can her hips be so compact?) and the cute baby eyes, staring at me from over the daddy’s shoulder, to the right. And then there is M., I want to go stand with her and hug her, just because she always is there raising her hands and praising Him. And I know she could probably use a hug.

So, I close my eyes and try to focus on worshipping in the congregation despite these wild distractions. And I think of the times I feel closest to Him…solitude morning walks along the beach, for instance and I wonder. How is it that I came to this place just a heartbeat from the coast. How I used to steal away early when I felt I needed to really commune with Him, the hour drive, and how He met me and comforted me, and led me here. Both my home and my church currently within walking distance from the beach. How He knows me! How He loves me!

So I push back all those distractions, and thank God for each one of those precious peeps, with their slim hips, drools, and needs- and I stand in the throng praising Him, knowing He loves me, knows me and accepts me. Despite my crazy, wild mind. Yeah, even He loves my wildness. Loves me wildly with all of that wild within. It makes me grin. He’s not mad at me, or you. He just loves us. Knowing it is worship. Believing it is His glory. Maybe all of it is worship, after all.

Five Minute Friday
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