I Am More

Happy National Poetry Month! I am happy to say that I have  finally linked all of the poems shared on this blog in one place- You can find them by hovering over the Writing {is} Life tab or clicking HERE. Tonight I am joining with fellow poets at dVerse Poets Pub and sharing a fresh from theContinue reading “I Am More”

Head Games: The Body Image Trap

Credit Be careful little eyes what you see… It is hard today to avoid the onslaught to the mind’s eye of images which narrowly define that which is held in high regard. We are a culture saturated in imagery. We lust after that which appeals to our eyes, senses and desires. We fall for theContinue reading “Head Games: The Body Image Trap”

Inspiring Women Series Announcement

                                     Did you say “Inspiring Women”?Wow! I can’t wait to spread the news!Tomorrow! Tomorrow? Yes, Tomorrow! Dear Friends, I am excited to announce this next series which I will be launching “officially” tomorrow! I am squirming in myContinue reading “Inspiring Women Series Announcement”

Blog Bash Speed Meet

Linking up with Courtney for the Blog Bash 2011! Let’s just make this a speed meet, OK? So, here is a fascinatingly, fun list of random things about me! Aren’t you excited you stopped by my blog? *I started blogging at the end of May of this year- I am a newbie. *I blog primarily aboutContinue reading “Blog Bash Speed Meet”