I live between the rock and the hard place

where living is no better than dying,

happiness no greater than crying,

truth no different from lying.




In The Waiting Room


This is a prayer I wrote for my mom in my journal…

My mind often thinks in melody, stanza, verse. I don’t know why…it just processes that way. It sort of just comes …I think it is my most intimate communication with the Living God.

May these words encourage you to pray with pen on paper, allowing whatever comes to come.


On Advent, Bonhoeffer, and Waiting



I have a short list of favorite writers. That might surprise you, but it shouldn’t…because when your favorite Author is God, it makes you rather persnickety. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is on that short list. His words inspire me, challenge me, convict me. His words lead me closer to the life of Christ within I want to tap into daily. His life of passionate opposition to Hitler’s racist evil campaign against the Jewish people is a powerful testimony of standing with and for Jesus in the face of adversity and passive religion. If you want to read more about this humble servant, theologian and leader you can find many resources.  More

When Motherhood is Not Magical

photo credit: sylvain.collet via photopin cc

photo credit: sylvain.collet via photopin cc

Let your face shine on your servant; save me in your unfailing love. Psalm 31:16

She ran away at 15. Quit school by 16. Had her first abortion by 17. It took all of her energy to come home at 25 and mend the relationship with her mother that she never had. But she knew that if she wanted to have a relationship with her mother, she would have to make the first move. The reason she left in the first place was because her mother was never there, never said the words, “I love you”. Not for as long as she remembered. So she opened the door for the street smart kid who knocked while her mother was at work. He knew she was alone, knew he could get in. One mother’s absence births a lifetime of regrets.


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