My Maine Bucket List

When in Maine one must do what “Maine-iacs” do. What is that, you wonder? Well, aside of walking through the woods in a red and black checkered flannel shirt and hiking boots tapping trees for Maple Syrup, I’m not sure. But, since I am a lover of New England and we are heading for ourContinue reading “My Maine Bucket List”

How Vacations Are Like Heaven

The view I will look out at from the window of The Sunset  Cabin I’ve been looking forward to our family  vacation very much this year.  We will visit Maine for one week.    The beach I am feeling a little like I  need to recharge my batteries…  Mountains surrounding Webb Lake Do you everContinue reading “How Vacations Are Like Heaven”

Honeymoon Memories in Nantucket (RJD #11)

Honeymoon Journal, July 2003 I am feeling a bit sentimental today, I guess. I dug into my trunk of journals and just felt like sharing a few slices of memory from this special journal. I know marriage is not an easy endeavor. However so often I feel people do not want to fess up and admit howContinue reading “Honeymoon Memories in Nantucket (RJD #11)”

Home, Sweet Home!

I have just returned from a wonderful family vacation and am looking forward to sharing my latest life revelations, once unpacked! Priorities, after all. But, truthfully, I enjoyed all that God allowed on my recent trip to Maine and did not even have ONE inspirational thought for this blog while I was there. But you knowContinue reading “Home, Sweet Home!”