The Naked Parent

 The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. Genesis 3:21 The conversation goes something like this: “Mom, I have three new followers on Instagram”.  I, in my best excited but decidedly wise voice respond,  “That’s great honey, but is it that important for you to have a lotContinue reading “The Naked Parent”

The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue: Book Review

“God doesn’t compare us. Jesus doesn’t compare us. The world we live in compares us, but who are we supposed to follow?”~Nancy Rue This book is written with 7-11 year old girls in mind, and is an encouraging reminder of where young girls (and moms) need to fix there eyes. I shared it with my (beyondContinue reading “The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue: Book Review”

Why Is Peeta Mellark Skulking Around Our House?

Are you hungry for The Hunger Games? It started quite subtly. My daughter asked me; no actually she firmly insisted I read The Hunger Games.I admit that I was hesitant. Skeptical. We see eye to eye less and less these days. She rejects most of my book suggestions and we have had more than one discussionContinue reading “Why Is Peeta Mellark Skulking Around Our House?”