When Words Fail You (5 Minutes for Faith)

There you are in the quiet of the morning, ready to meet the Lord for strength for the day. Your Bible is open and perhaps you’ve already studied, read or done a devotional.
It’s a little bit like an appetizer to a good meal. But, if all this is appetizer for the quiet time meal,  what’s the main course? Prayer.
But, what about those times when your prayer conversation falls short? What when words fail to come? What when the heart sighs, and the voice is too weary to articulate even the one word prayer, “Help.”
Please, join me at 5 Minutes for Faith for an encouraging word for those times words fail you…
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Where My Heart Belongs (5 Minute Friday: Belong)

This sweet gift was outside the door at our vacation cabin in Maine.

Well, Ann Voskamp is hosting Lisa-Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday this week, and we are all excited with this sweet surprise.
So, join us and write your heart out for 5 minutes. 
Ann chose the prompt, “Belong”
It’s funny, I was just thinking I was invisible. So often I feel I don’t belong. I mean I do belong. Here, right? I mean, after all He put me here…in this place, at this time, gave me the desires of my heart. Yet it still creeps right in to my stream of conscience. That voice. It’s alien, yet clear. “You don’t really belong.” My mind reels. I reject it. Taking that thought captive to the obedience of His great, unfathomable love. For me. Sometimes I don’t feel like I belong. Heck, most times. But I do, belong. We all belong. To Him who belongs to we who believe. To  all…Oh, but I long to know it through me. Like an inside out hug. All the way through, I long to belong. 
Five Minute Friday

From Where I am Standing (5 Minute Friday: View)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Trying to keep things in perspective. Trying to take hold of the proper view on life, love, faith, trust. And Pixie Dust. I always have to add that part…because I’m longing for simpler days in the midst of these 7th grade challenges, that rise up like a dragon, breathing hell -fire and leaving me feeling small. And like not such a great mama. I’m just a mom who has no idea what she’s doing and I am leaning hard on a mighty God because I have no. Other. Plan. I mean that seriously. Got nothing. No back up plan. No great mom history. No legacy of mamas who love God behind me. But a great God who loves me and this little family. So I look back and remember when she was small. Even then she wanted to rule the world. EVen then she wanted to be the boss. Be in control. Be pushing the stroller, not in it. Mama  needs to climb into that stroller and remember who is in control of all. And I do. Lord, help me. I do. But thanks for the daily reminders. Because I guess I need them.

Below is one of my favorite songs from one of my Girl’s favorite Disney movies Peter Pan (Return to Neverland). It is called I’ll Try by Jonatha Brooke. It is actually on my wedding favor CD. It’s about 5 minutes, because she describes how the song came to be…I hope you will take a moment to listen.
It came to my memory as I wrote this morning.

Joining with Lisa Jo today!
Five Minute Friday

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End the Debate (5 Minute Friday: Here)

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I’d like to say that I had clear answers
 to the prayers I’ve prayed as of late
I’d like to say I knew for sure the way you want me to go
I wish I could be sure of which one was the open door
I long to hear your say about this inner debate.
The words swim through my mind
As I fall more and more behind…
Yet, you promise your presence.
You say that the same power in this Jesus
lives in me
What am I missing?
There is still loathing in my bones
wrapped in love
There is still anger welling up
swirling in the blood
mixed with hope
There is still a question
hanging in the balance.
Lord, I need you
to be free
and hear
your word for me
End the debate
here and now.
I trust you won’t be late.

PS It’s National Poetry Month and I wrote 5 little reasons Why I love it!
FYI, I tend to think about poetry and write in stanzas frequently. It’s kinda like a cross between therapy and breathing form me. Happy Friday!

Five Minute Friday

Bloom: The Only Way Out is Through (Hope for Today)

“And the day came when the risk it took to stay tight 
in a bud was more painful than it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin


One little word with such huge meaning. 
Fragile at times but, key to our future.
Where we place our trust, for better or worse, will lead us to peace, joy and growth. 
It will also lead us to painful places. I have been thinking lately about those I have trusted.
 Some worthy, some not so. I myself strive to see things in a broader perspective.
 I don’t really care to be politically correct. 
I really don’t aspire to impress a denomination. 
I think it is foolishness to believe that there is a difference between who you are personally, spiritually and  professionally. 
You are who you are all the time. 
Trust. Once broken, so hard to repair. 
A loyalty disregarded. 
A boundary crossed. 
Integrity questioned. 
Insensitivity to specific circumstances beyond one’s control.
 Disappointment, disillusion set in. 
Trust is so easily betrayed and oh, so difficult to regain.
 A child suffers a breach in that trust and carries that into adulthood.
 The Lord heals but there is the smallest scar that remains. 
The child inside knows what the adult tries to forgets…people are untrustworthy.
 It only takes the right circumstance to bring to the mind of the child the forgotten pain and truth. 
The child tugs at the memory of the adult. 
The child brings up the string of events which have resonated within the pain that seems familiar. Every loss, heartache, injustice, abuse, neglect connect in an open-ended timeline that leads to today. Bitterness threatens to settle within the soul. 
Yet still the child also recalls hope. 
The child recalls faithfulness. 
And most of all the child remembers love.
 Because God has planted that love deep within the heart of this child.
 And that hope will not die. 
That hope will grow eternally and yield crops of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control. 
There is no stopping what God has done. 
As Joseph said when his brothers returned to Egypt and had fully recognized him and acknowledged what they had done was wrong- what you meant for evil, God meant for good. 
This child can rest in this reality.
God is not mocked. Do you think when He says ‘I have summoned You by name and called you my own’, He lies? He is for us, who seek to know Him and live according to His will. He knows the heart, but you cannot trust your own heart… (Jeremiah 17: 5, 7-9) leave that to Him who knows how desperately wicked the heart is and take hold of Him alone who is able to guide you through every darkness and evil that may come upon you. Do you fear the days ahead? 
Do you think God has not seen? (2 Chronicles 16:9)
This year the Lilies in our yard seemed to be incredibly reluctant to bloom.

I would walk out every morning and they looked like they were going to stay tight in their buds forever completely content in that mode. This really bothered me as I longed to see their beauty bursting forth. Instead I saw tight green buds, day in and day out. I wonder if I am this way to the Lord at times. Resistant to His leading, longing to stay myself, tight in a bud, due to fear, pain…lack of trust. I can’t help but think of Anais Nin’s quote, with the closed buds pictured above.
Well, the Lilies finally did bloom and they are magnificent!
 Sometimes pain from the past can cause us to close- up tight.
We don’t want to trust that God could allow anything bad into our lives – at least not this: add your own perception of the one thing you believe that God allowed that has caused you to lose your trust in Him. Maybe it wasn’t in the past.
Maybe it is right now.
Maybe your pain is so buried beneath the surface that you can’t even recognize it anymore.
It feels like if you stay in that bud you will suffocate.
But a flower must surely bloom or it will wither away and die. 
This is not so for we who believe.
Our way is the way of Life.
Our Glorious King desires to see our beauty! (Psalm 45:11)
He calls us forth to bloom.
There is no way out of this.
We bloom or wither away.
That bud cannot sustain us forever.
A word used to describe that which we rely on. 
Such a small word with such a big meaning.

 Such a beautiful word that brings forth the promise and hope of new life. 

So take the risk.
Bloom, trust, grow…hope.
The only way out of this current circumstance is through it.
 But the one who is faithful to care for all the lilies in His fields is faithful.
Be encouraged, for you are worth much more than these to the King.
John 14:1

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