How I Forgave My Molester by Melinda Todd {Book Review}

The subject of forgiveness is difficult enough for most people to grasp but even more complicated is it when dealing with what would seem to be the most unforgiveable of all sins, that of sexual abuse of a child. Melinda takes us through her journey of healing by the grace of God and the powerContinue reading “How I Forgave My Molester by Melinda Todd {Book Review}”

Serendipity in the Blogosphere

Today has been one of those days. Don’t ask what kind. I just know it has been one of them. I don’t know why or how or at what point the transition occurred. Like a smoldering volcano, it bubbled, gurgled and simmered. Until the final eruption. It was unanticipated. It left me quiet…after the finalContinue reading “Serendipity in the Blogosphere”

"I Am That Woman" on Trailing After God

1993 in Florida “posing” for a professional photographer at a physique show. Well friends, today I am thankful to guest post on a sister’s Blog. Please check it out and be sure to let me know what you think! Thank you Melinda Todd for the opportunity to share my heart and also for being the courageousContinue reading “"I Am That Woman" on Trailing After God”