Everybody Wants To Be A Time Lord

  “What’s a Time Lord?”, girl number one asked wearing a quizzical expression. “It’s just the most awesome thing ever,” girl number two continues, “This guy who is kind of alien, but also very handsome by human standards, is the last of his species. He can travel through space and time- anywhere in the universeContinue reading “Everybody Wants To Be A Time Lord”

Oh, Monday- How I Adore Thee!

…behold, all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 I know you are thinking I am off my rocker with a title like Oh, Monday- How I Adore Thee, but it’s the truth. Mondays are a Planner Person’s dream come true. There you have the whole week ahead of you, fresh…new, unmarred! Nothing has happenedContinue reading “Oh, Monday- How I Adore Thee!”

Chasing Monkeys {5 Minute Friday- Focus}

photo credit Oh sweet irony of God- Lisa Jo is serving up our five minute word prompt and it is “Focus”.  Which in light of my current state is hilariously perfect! So September has come into our lives like an un-caged bunch of zoo monkeys. I find myself clinging to my planner, clutching it as if somehowContinue reading “Chasing Monkeys {5 Minute Friday- Focus}”