Everybody Wants To Be A Time Lord

photo credit: tankgirlrs via photopin cc

photo credit: tankgirlrs via photopin cc


“What’s a Time Lord?”, girl number one asked wearing a quizzical expression.

“It’s just the most awesome thing ever,” girl number two continues, “This guy who is kind of alien, but also very handsome by human standards, is the last of his species. He can travel through space and time- anywhere in the universe at any point in time! He does this in something called a Tardis, which is basically an old Blue British Police Call Box, from the sixties, but never mind about that. Best of all he likes to kick around Earth frequently, looking for companions for his epic adventures. He is on his own schedule and can go forward or back in time as it suits him, and basically he lives forever.”

That’s more or less what a Time Lord is...he doesn’t have to abide by the rules of time. 


Oh, Monday- How I Adore Thee!


…behold, all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

I know you are thinking I am off my rocker with a title like Oh, Monday- How I Adore Thee, but it’s the truth. Mondays are a Planner Person’s dream come true. There you have the whole week ahead of you, fresh…new, unmarred! Nothing has happened to mess up your weekly view or perfect planning. Of course once the alarm goes off, all bets are off. But stay with me in the moment for the newness of the week. Cast your vision. Look at those 7 beautiful days stretched out before you, and take a breath.

As a coach for many years, as I would sit with a new client, I would ask them to do an exercise for me. It was their homework and trust me it did not take long before most would realize how seriously I took that little assignment . Let’s just say those who were non-compliant found that extra squats, lunges and “un-timed” planks would appear on the day’s Fitness Training Menu. “Oopsy, sorry, I forgot to start the timer, just keep holding that plank and tell me all about  that homework assignment you did not do for me.” I found that most of my students would quickly see the wisdom in doing the homework assignments I requested.


Chasing Monkeys {5 Minute Friday- Focus}

Oh sweet irony of God- Lisa Jo is serving up our five minute word prompt and it is “Focus”. 
Which in light of my current state is hilariously perfect!
So September has come into our lives like an un-caged bunch of zoo monkeys.
I find myself clinging to my planner, clutching it as if somehow the holding it will actually squeeze out more time. The fact is there is only so much we can do in a day. That you can do. That I can do. I am chasing monkeys all over town and realizing the anticipation of the chase gives me stress but here is a strange secret.
I really am learning at last to accept the fact that I do not have to let those monkeys dictate my day. 
I can harness those loose monkeys up, one at a time.
I know all this monkey talk must seem strange. 
But my focus really has been a bit wild.
As in unfocused with the adjustment to the very schedule I was looking forward to beginning.
Excuse me,
one of my monkeys just ran by- um…I’ll catch you later!

Chase some monkeys over here?
Five Minute Friday

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