Seeing, Unseen

Seeing, Unseen For the longest time you were a desert,dry, desolate, unforgiving…I wept and cried out for youbut you could not see me, you did not hear me. Carrying on with those you already knew,refusing the offerings of those unknown to you,rejecting gifts which could have satisfied many,beyond yourselves… still, you would notaccept the presentation,Continue reading “Seeing, Unseen”

Seated in the Heavenlies (Lent 2016)

  Although this may be a poem, it was also straight from my journal this morning. I want to encourage you to make time for your spiritual self to emerge by journaling your heart and prayers on  your own journal pages. I have been feeling dry spiritually the past week…so for me this writing reflectsContinue reading “Seated in the Heavenlies (Lent 2016)”