Writing Phases

photo credit: Martin_Heigan Super Blood Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse via photopin (license   Early in my Blogging journey, I did my first 31 day challenge on the theme of Thanksgiving. It was an instrumental exercise in building writing momentum and discipline. I discovered camaraderie, fellowship and support for my beginning blogging years.

Beginning of the End (Guest Post by Jack Barry)

Today, I am bringing to you all another share from my wacky, wonderful and amazing Writer’s Group. Um, the wacky component probably is my part, so let’s leave the wonderful and amazing to the rest of the authors, dreamers and friends I hang out with most Thursday mornings, when life isn’t throwing me another curveContinue reading “Beginning of the End (Guest Post by Jack Barry)”

All That Matters

I can’t stop pondering the wonders of His love. This morning I lingered in His presence, and He graced me with these words… Please join me this Christmas night for a poem to celebrate all that matters… Also if you happen to be in Rhode Island on Sunday the 28th, The Neighborhood Guild Creative Writer’s Group willContinue reading “All That Matters”