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Happy Weekend, Friends!

Our Journaling as a Lifestyle Series continues Monday, meanwhile I want to congratulate Lisa Oseland on winning the Giveaway.


Giving Thanks Times Five at 5 Minutes for Faith

It is good to give thanks to the LORD, to sing praises to your name, O Most High; to declare your steadfast love in the morning, and your faithfulness by night. Psalm 92:1-2

To celebrate November, the writing team at 5 Minutes for Faith will be sharing simple posts to honor the Lord. Join us as we give thanks, and feel free to jump in and join us in the comments!
I will turn the comments off here, so you can join in with your thanksgivings there

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Up Close and Personal on Monday (The Multitudes)

It is Monday, in which I continue to count my multitudes of blessings, with Ann and the multitudes of bloggers who join in this glorious adventure. I keep one here in the bloggy world and a paper version
in the real world. I am on #1069 in my paper journal and continue from #482 here, today, in the Blogosphere.

483. Walking into my Sunday School Room and finding the that some “Church Elves” had stocked and organized my draws, and made my classroom a blessing to start fresh for teaching this year. This very overwhelmed New Homeschooling Mama almost cried with joy since she did not manage the time to do it yet! Check that off my list and grateful, blessed start to my Sunday and New “School” year!

484. The return of my Sunday School Helper. I missed her! Nice to have her in class with me again!

485. The preaching of God’s Word by my Pastor. Grateful for Him and His teaching.

486. Unexpected fun at Ladies Breakfast at church. Makeup application will never be seen in the same way again.

487. 20 minutes of beach time with my bestie. Sitting in the sand after church breakfast chatting up a storm, about hard things, real and honest because that’s what friends do.

488. A great first week of Homeschool.

489. The Voice Teacher speaking to my Girl, making THE difference.

490. Beach late Sunday afternoon, with another friend…because there is never a day where the beach should be missed when one lives THIS close.

491. Hubs whipping up cookies, like “SNAP”, because I was craving a little sweetness.

492. Grace. Because I need it, rely on it and am learning to live by it. All praise to Jesus, who is the bringer of Grace.

493. Grace.
Because it deserves a space all it’s own?

494. Conquering my Homemaking fears, one dustball at a time.

495. That there really is enough time for everything that needs to get done and it is really ok to rest my head on the pillow at the end of the day, trusting it is enough. That time pressure is not really of Him.
I can choose peace, and rest. Liberating truth. Life is not a race. (that could be a whole post, so I will stop here).

496. Chocolates from Sweenor’s that I received this weekend. Um…YUM!

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Monumental Monday- Celebrating 1000 Gifts (and Counting)

Steppingstone Falls in West Greenwich, Rhode Island
A very hidden place!
 My sweet girl took this picture Saturday as we enjoyed an impromptu
walk in the scenic woods of our beautiful state, Saturday afternoon.

My BIG news breaking is that not only did I have a wonderful weekend with much to thank God for but I also hit 1000 in my “paper” 1000 Gifts Journal. I actually keep two, AN online (here at the blog) one and my spiral bound, handmade version. Pictured below.

Here is my 1000th!

You can see Aurora watching over my every move.
Guaranteed, if I lay open a book, she is there.
She actually was sitting inside pizza boxes this time. 
Sister Ashley. She lays by the food bowl and heater all day.
No flies on her. She does sleep on my stomach at night.
Like a heating pad.
I wrote a little Christian Meditation  this weekend.
Confident Heart

I am excited to attempt to do Rene Swope’s Online Book and Bible Study beginning April 1!
If any of you remember I failed my last attempt! However it led to a wonderful surprise and the pictures below. So obviously it was a blessing that I failed? AT least it proved He does work things together for good… and God Sized Surprises!

This was all due to a very, sweet, thoughtful friend named Kristy who decided I needed this book because I was not having the Kindle version. I like REAL books. 
I am READY to DO IT! No Fooling, this time!
Onward to A Confident Heart.
Feel free to join me. Just pop on over to Rene’s
to find out more and sign up!
Saw this movie and loved it. I will Blog my thoughts on it as I thought there was so much more to love about this story and will argue the fact with anyone who wants to go at it.
I love the heart of the movie, and the heart of it’s main character.
Finished this book this weekend and will be reviewing it this week. Stay tuned. Great read. A cold drink of water for needy, hurting Christians, but a nice slap in the face for the Pharisee crowd. Support for those who have kids that are challenging, without the usual gag me with a pitchfork, Christian jargon and advice. Thank you Brenda Garrison!
 Have a GREAT WEEK! 

Five Minutes on Thank You…{5 Minute Friday}


Two words. Two words pointed to heaven then outward to others. Two words that can change the perspective of my heart, and yours. If we let them. If we dare to utter the words. I remember reading how the words that portray thankfulness in the Bible are in the original language always encompass gratefulness that is God directed first. When I say thank you, I know that I am submitting to him first in this act. Think about it. To be grateful is an acceptance of whatever the gift is, but always acknowleges the giver. To withhold the words thank you then could be seen, pehaps as a rejection or lack thereof to the gift and the giver, yes? SO as I whisper thank you I am embracing both the giver and the gift with humble appreciation. Not expectation, disappointment or worthiness of my own. I accept both the goiver and the gift when I utter the words, thank you.


Post 5 Minute Note:

All this being said friends, in my 5 minute ramble, only makes me want to speak these words to you who are visiting and reading these words of mine as they spill out of my heart at this keyboard. I thank you for your visiting and reading. Thank you, friend today for receiving me as I am. I reciprocate and appreciate you, one in sweet hospitable grace. Appreciatively.
Thank you.

Joining Lisa Jo for 5 minutes of writing bliss where we let it rip and ramble 
(well at least I ramble!) 
– join in or enjoy!
Five Minute Friday

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