Warning: Dangerous Waters for Christians

I stood at the deli counter awaiting my number to be called, when I noticed a vaguely familiar face. After mutual recognition set in the conversation flowed easily around the obvious subject. “How’s your Summer going so far?” “Good, good-Great weather, huh?” “Looking forward to the beachy days ahead.” and “The tourists are taking over,Continue reading “Warning: Dangerous Waters for Christians”

Maine Vacation 2012 Repost (Maine Photos)

The best things are nearest:  breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes,  flowers at your feet, duties at your hand,  the path of God just before you. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson This is a Re-Post from our Maine Family Vacation last year (2012) – I hope you enjoy the pictures!******************* We returned just aboutContinue reading “Maine Vacation 2012 Repost (Maine Photos)”

My Maine Bucket List

When in Maine one must do what “Maine-iacs” do. What is that, you wonder? Well, aside of walking through the woods in a red and black checkered flannel shirt and hiking boots tapping trees for Maple Syrup, I’m not sure. But, since I am a lover of New England and we are heading for ourContinue reading “My Maine Bucket List”