All Things Are Possible

 You are worthy of my trust, my complete trust.
 You are worthy of my confidence, my complete confidence.
 I have nothing, nothing I can give;
 but I ask you today, this day, please help me to live.
 Not in my former ways,
  trusting no one-least of all my self
 Not in what I can’t or can do 
 based on poverty or wealth.
 Yet, in humble submission to what I can’t see
 for only you comprehend all I can be.
 I stumble too often on what others say
 Too often satisfied with having my own way
 Both of us know where these struggles lead
 so more of you, less of me is what I do plead.
 All things are possible with you I believe,
 beyond what my mind can fully conceive.
 You’ve never deceived your chosen ones,
 by grace and faithfulness, each battle’s been won-
 Let me continue this race, wholly trusting your Son,
 not in others nor self, but in what you have done,

 not in others, myself- only in what you have done.

One Night in Boston (How to lose a car, make a friend and find God in 24 hours) Part 2

How Do You Lose A Car?

This post is the second of three. If you want to catch up, Here’s where you can read Part 1.


After our 5 hour walking tour of the city, we get the call- it’s time to head back to pick up our daughter. No problem.
“Honey, which way back to the car?”
“We just need to follow this road.”
“Okey, Dokey.”
One small problem.
It’s dark and somehow, someway we are unable to find the lot our car is parked in.
My hubby is determined…convinced we parked in a certain area.
I am so geographically challenged I limp along behind him, hopeful, trusting.
At first.
A half hour of walking later…I am starting to rub my temples.
We have walked and walked and doubled back and still no sign of thus said lot.
I glance upward at the night sky, noting the stars and follow my dear hubby reluctantly.

There is a storm beginning to brew between us.

Is it a fact or a myth that men don’t like to  refuse to ask for directions?
When my husband actually relents and asks strangers, I begin to panic.
Surely this one sign assures our complete hopelessness!
It is like the final frontier. I’ve known him for 30 years and can count the times he has asked for help, let alone directions. I start to meltdown. These almost 50 year old hips start to ache (look at me getting old!). I am getting hate texts from my exhausted daughter from across town as she is waiting for us.
I begin to hyperventilate, when the phone slips from my hand, smashing into at least 5 distinct pieces on the ground. He looks at me and states, uncharacteristically, “Hope you didn’t break it, because you’re not getting a new one.” Hubby and I are at a standoff, about to have the mother of all marriage fights, big guns about to come out. Our voices are loud, Italian sign language (wildly flailing arms) is being used freely and thankfully we are so far away from the hub of the city now it doesn’t matter.
Enter Clarence Tito.

If you are a fan of It’s a Wonderful Life you will appreciate that Clarence is sent to help George Bailey at his moment of hopelessness. Well, God sent this feuding couple a soft spoken, easy going, out for a walk, Bostonian named Tito.
For some reason Tito is not taken aback or afraid of us.
I quickly sum up whether he is a killer or not.
After a minute or two of talking with him, I assess he is reasonably safe.
I can tell my hubby (much less trusting than I) is doing the same.
Plus, let’s face it…we are at Tito’s mercy one way or another.
Perhaps he is wondering the same about the crazy Rhode Islanders he has stumbled upon.
He confirms we are about a 30 minute walk from where we need to be, and offers a ride.
“I grew up in Boston, I can get you to the lot and get right on the highway and head home, it’s trouble at all.”
I look at my husband and know this is the ultimate question for any man.
Will we accept the help offered from this stranger?
I wait to see what he will say, eyeing him behind Tito’s back, waiting for the nod of approval or disapproving, “don’t even think about it” look.
He’s tired, and lost and I get the nod.

My (almost) 50 year old hips rejoice – along with my blistered feet.

We are also for the moment sidetracked from our wrath toward one another and our arguing whether we are near Fenway, the city or in Never-Never Land for that matter.

But there’s still more…and God shows up, as always just in time, only to remind us He has been there all along. Tomorrow join me for the conclusion of our Boston adventure and invaluable take-homes for our journey!

Post goes live at 12 AM Eastern Standard Time!
Hope to see you then…or shortly thereafter!

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A Simple Plan To Follow Your Man (or "Walk With Your Man" -for the unsubmissive translation)


Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
Romans 12:10
No, he ‘s not perfect. Neither am I. We are alike in imperfection yet opposite in many ways as individuals. We are united in marriage, in Christ, who has given us everything, despite our personal preferences and differences. Today I want to take a moment and  tell you that your husband does not need to be perfect for you to learn from him. You see my hubby and I are as opposite in personality, background  and make-up as you can get. But I want to tell you I still learn from him. God desires that I do. Even though sometimes I make it difficult for my sweet husband, God has blessed him with patience and humor which make the journey somewhat easier for him. Hopefully. Ahem.
Today, I will to share three ways we can follow our husbands regardless of their choices. I say this because we can tend to be distracted by the various splinters our husbands sport, while we stare through beam filled eyes the size of telephone poles. OK, maybe I am preaching to the choir, but at least now you see a clear image in your mind, yes?
God has a simple plan and when we follow it, even somewhat reluctantly, He blesses each step and encourages us in His ways. What I lack in domesticity, I make up for in my heart to please God and willingness to allow Him to conform me to His image. God is patient with me and He will be patient with you. We can do it, through Him who does indeed promise to PROVIDE when we DECIDE in our hearts to commit and follow Him.
Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
    and he will establish your plans.
Proverbs 16:3
1. Commit:  I used to train for competition and once I was committed to a certain date to compete, regardless of my feelings, it meant I was committed to my training plan. Some days I would not feel like going to the gym. I learned that if I wanted to remain competitive or potentially win, I needed to train consistently whether I had the warm fuzzies about my training on that particular day. Sometimes I had to push myself to get to the gym, or through the workout, BUT in the end the commitment carried me on to progress and victory. It’s the same with marriage (and most things in life). But Christ will empower us as we rely on Him. Don’t wait for the feelings, the feelings may or may not follow. But your continued trust and reliance on something- in this case some-ONE- outside of yourself will get you through and carry you to victory. One day at a time.  
2. Lay Down: So often that which seems good can undermine a marriage. I am talking about “rights”. I know this is not popular and I do not have it all down, but marriage is a continual laying down of my rights to myself. Period. The minute we forget this, we are going down roads that lead us far from God and His plans for our lives as women and Believers. I know there is a balance and uniqueness in each circumstance. But this reality should be a reminder that we always can choose. We must weigh carefully in light of His words and our commitment to Him and others. Last night my hubby came home tired after a hard day at work. He sweetly brought home two boxes of dye and became my hairdresser, because I was whining about my grey hair and a presentation I needed to make. In this he modeled, once again his own laying down of his desires that my needs may be met. This is what we do. Now don’t get all upset because your hubby would never do this for you. Instead consider the way he uniquely serves you that you may not even be recognizing. Of course, most of all learn to lay down. I know I am learning. Slowly. 
3. Decide and Delight: Decide to trust God and delight in Him. Decide to delight in your husband’s strengths, uniqueness and positive attributes as opposed to his perceived shortcomings. I know earlier, I said I was reluctant. God knows our true heart’s desire. Sometimes we think we know best. This must be balanced by the wisdom of His word. He knows my reluctant heart and is the process of transforming and conforming it to His own. He will make me into that cheerful giver, I long to be. He is doing the same for and in my husband. This  does not always work out in the same manner and he uses our marriage as a grand arena for it all to be won or lost.

Decide, Delight and Fight for God’s plan of victory for your marriage!

The LORD makes firm the steps 
   of the one who delights in him; 
 though he may stumble, he will not fall, 
   for the LORD upholds him with his hand.
Psalm 37:23
Hope this makes sense!
There you have it, my simple plan for following your man!
By the way: My secret to getting my hubby to read my BLOG is by writing about HIM! Hi Honey! Love you!

Originally posted: 4/3/12-A Simple Plan To Follow Your Man

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The Lesson of The Lunchbox

You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.
Galatians 5:13

While enjoying a lovely meal with two other Christian couples recently, the conversation somehow turned to lunch. Now, I am not sure how or why the discussion took this route but I once it did, I began to have a slow revelation, followed by a lesson to ponder as well! 
The home was beautiful, the company divine and the food was fine. The conversation flowed and I felt blessed to be with these friends. Both of the women in my company that night were women I would say are admirable by any standard. I happen to have had the privilege to pray regularly with one of them, who also is a gifted business women, spirit-filled believer and has served as Co-Leader in ministry with me. The other would be described as brilliant and successful. She amazes us with her ability to multi -task  both in and out of the home and may I add she could defend the world with one giant leap and a word (is called in to Washington for advice/wisdom in her area of expertise). So as I sit and enjoy their presence, the turn happens and suddenly we are talking lunch. 
As in the fact that I make my husband his lunch every day for work.

Now those of you who know me or follow me, know that I am a Rebel Christian Chick and far from the sweet, gentle, domestic bird I am yet to be. Yet, there are a couple of things my husband really does appreciate that I do. One is making his lunch…and this radical behavior caused quite an uprising at that table that evening as the jaws dropped and confessions were spoken. “You make him lunch? How non-traditional!” Is it ironic making a husband’s lunch…ie. serving him is not considered the norm? Now, let me say this- these are Christian women. Both do have careers but also a reverence for God. The chuckle I got was because here I was, Ms. Not Very Traditional  Christian Chick, suddenly the most old- fashioned, totally traditional June Cleaver at the table. Ha and hardy ha, God and I chuckled. 
Now, let me tell you how this one thing has been the most surprising testimony you could ever imagine. This one very small act of service which was instigated, early in my marriage, by a dear friend who opened her mouth and uttered the same words, over dinner, the first year my hub and I tied the knot. “I make him his lunch every day.” she said. Me still being in a state of shock over the whole submission element of marriage almost fainted dead on. Yet it was early in my marriage. I was daring, reckless and ready to tackle anything to be The Proverbs 31 Woman, I knew God wanted me to be… or at least I was willing to try. I mean really what did I know? If the truth be known I wanted to choke her right then and there. But I refrained, because that’s what friends do. Besides…despite my fleshly resistance I really did want to be a good wife. Somewhere very deep inside. Sigh. 
So there I was inducted into a world of lunch making women. 
A dying breed, bordering on extinction apparently.
At first I did it a bit reluctantly. Then I began to get my groove. Soon, this one little act of service was the talk of the lunchroom where my husband works. 
Daily, his employees and co-workers longingly check in. 
“What did your wife pack you today?”
“Your wife packs you lunch every day?”
Day in and day out, he is the focus of attention, object of jealousy, 
admiring comments and endless curiosity.
God began to teach this Chick over time, 
that He can indeed use the smallest act of service to bring glory to Himself.
He surprised me, by showing me that He is indeed working in me. 
And that my friends is very good news!
All because of a lunchbox.

“For who has despised the day of small things?
But these seven will be glad when they see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel– these are the eyes of the LORD which range to and fro throughout the earth.”
Zechariah 4:10
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