The Planner’s Day Off

  Weekends. The end of a week’s worth of triumphs,  trials, To -Dos, and travelings.  Friday finds us ready for a break from the routine we’ve tried to keep up with all week long. Breaks are important. They help us return to our routines with happy anticipation instead of  drudgery. Saturday hints at  the possibility of aContinue reading “The Planner’s Day Off”

Just Hang On!

Credit Your schedule is erratic. The deadlines close in. You are trying to balance it all and feel that sly little enemy, called defeat sneak in to your mind. Balancing the details in life can sometimes feel like juggling gone awry. It all looks manageable when you put it down on paper. You plan andContinue reading “Just Hang On!”

When Life Gives You Cause To Pause

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.  ~Psalm 23:1      Have you ever felt like checking out?  I mean, just disappearing off the radar for a bit.  Answering Machine:  “Hi, you have reached Dawn’s Life and she is not available today.  At. All. Try back tomorrow, say about dinnertime.  She may be checkedContinue reading “When Life Gives You Cause To Pause”

Bloom: The Only Way Out Is Through

                                             Trust. One little word with such huge meaning. Fragile at times but key to our future. Where we place our trust, for better or worse, will lead us to peace, joy and growth. It will also lead us to painful places. I have been thinking lately about those I have trusted. Some worthy, someContinue reading “Bloom: The Only Way Out Is Through”