How Writing Becomes Life

Today, I have a bit of writing from the personal archives for your reading pleasure and amusement. I believe this was one of the early prompts with my local writer’s group, going back a few years. I came across it while searching for another piece of writing, and decided to give it a refresh andContinue reading “How Writing Becomes Life”


Credit The long lists  of expectations  elude her  as she steps out into the light of day.  Walking brings refreshment and new perspectives. She  so  needs these  as she steps  one foot  in front of the other,  seeking escape  from the immediate abundant demands  of everyday existence  making up the hours of her life.  OneContinue reading “Evergreen”

Heart To Heart with Author/Speaker Rudy Galdonik- Inspiring Women Series

I have had the privilege of listening to Rudy Galdonik speak and look forward to every word that leaps form her lips.She has made me laugh, cry and say hmmmm. I have used her scripture “meditation” CD and been inspired greatly by her spiritual perspective and laugh out loud sense of humor. Rudy was the first personContinue reading “Heart To Heart with Author/Speaker Rudy Galdonik- Inspiring Women Series”