Random Journal Day #43 with Stacy Artis

  Welcome to Random Journal Day! It is the first Friday of August and we are cruising through Summer and almost to Fall! Don’t get your panties up in a bunch, there’s still a few more weeks of Summer left, as well as Shark Week and my BIG birthday this year. Actually, both our FeaturedContinue reading “Random Journal Day #43 with Stacy Artis”

Writing to God (Week 5-Guest Post by Stacy Artis)

Credit   Hello Friends! I hope your writing journey is going along well as we head into the next weeks leading right through Palm Sunday and onto Easter (Resurrection) Sunday! Honestly, I am finding myself feeling especially blessed with the writing prompts and Rachel’s words. It’s like opening a little present every day! Well I amContinue reading “Writing to God (Week 5-Guest Post by Stacy Artis)”