The Danger of Should: Why Positive Thinking May Not be the Answer

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A preliminary scrolling of Instagram started my day, between the morning meandering that makes up the daily routine of my life and sitting down for my first cup of coffee, I find myself under assault.

The word, should, catches my attention.

I haven’t opened my Bible yet, but fortunately I must have slept in my spiritual armor. Or maybe after years of wearing it, it finally has become my permanent garb. Or maybe it’s just that I open my Bible enough so when I am confronted with philosophies disguised as wisdom in the form of memes, posts, advertising and free offers, I recognize the not so subtle brain washing of an unseen enemy who plays for keeps.

Have I gotten your attention yet?



photo credit: shallowend via photopin cc

photo credit: shallowend via photopin cc

There are no bars


I am contained.

Lift not my voice to Heaven


Heaven hears my silence.


The Noose


Limbo visited again

when I least

expected it

I planned

other things,


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