Let’s Get (Re)Aquainted

I set out to write a bit about myself for those who are new to my public persona here at Enthusiastically, Dawn, but each time I attempt to write, I find myself frozen. There I sit, staring at the screen, eyes glazed, mind blank…a statue. This is a strange experience for me. Since blogging publicallyContinue reading “Let’s Get (Re)Aquainted”

George Bailey Meets the Twilight Zone

My favorite Christmas movie happens to be It’s a Wonderful Life. A few years back I wrote about it, well at least about how I feel such a great kinship with the character George Bailey. Don’t we all relate to George Bailey on some level? I love so much of the subtle underlying messages thatContinue reading “George Bailey Meets the Twilight Zone”

A Question to Ask on Black Friday Or Any Day

When is Enough Enough? by Dawn Paoletta When is enough, enough?  When your life is stock full of stuff? When your heart cries, “More!”  and you run to the store  seeking what lies behind the door. When is enough, enough? When ends meet or are stretched or defined? Knowing ourselves means facing the truth and seekingContinue reading “A Question to Ask on Black Friday Or Any Day”

When You Need a Spiritual Reboot (Empowering Truths to Set Captives Free)

As Christians we are encouraged to count our blessings. Most of secular society agrees that focusing on what we have instead of what we don’t is a safe bet toward a better mind set. Medical Research supports thankfulness and an attitude of gratitude has physical and mental health benefits. But what do you do whenContinue reading “When You Need a Spiritual Reboot (Empowering Truths to Set Captives Free)”