Does Grace Have an Expiration Date?

Summer’s end is closing in on us. The days are winding down. Fall will bring new schedules. This is the last post in the Summer Devotional Series. I share with you a poem to ponder, with the last journaling prompts beneath. Thank you for joining me on the journey, here. I hope you’ll stick aroundContinue reading “Does Grace Have an Expiration Date?”

How Poetry is Born

Happy 4th of July Weekend, friends. The first Friday of each month is Random Journal Day Weekend. This month the link is open through Tuesday night at 11:00 PM since many will be busy with family fun and festivities. Meanwhile I decided to take a look back on just one year ago. This weekend isContinue reading “How Poetry is Born”

Your Journaling Journey with Jesus begins May 4th (FLASH Giveaway)

Question: Have you been longing to journal but been having mixed results from your efforts? Question: Do you wish you were more focused when you pray? Question: Would you like to experience deeper intimacy with Jesus? Question: Do you wish you knew what to write about that didn’t seem like meaningless rambling? Question: Do youContinue reading “Your Journaling Journey with Jesus begins May 4th (FLASH Giveaway)”