Ship Bound for Madness

The best part of writing is the part that is always aware, you- the writer,  are only one part of an equation beyond comprehension. Creativity with God, always brings with it discovery and often delight…sometimes it can also bring something I find hard to articulate. Maybe it’s the soul itself seeking to commune directly with God. Maybe it’s God’s very presence moving in the one creating. I really don’t know. What I do know is, it’s when I feel His presence powerfully, like an unspoken joy…a hidden, beautiful, and  secret treasure. At these times, all things really do seem possible. Unseen, plausible and precious things that go beyond words, pictures, paintings and song. Maybe the creative place is a secret garden where we meet with God. .. and He meets with us. 

I give you, Ship Bound for Madness… 

After the Pandemic

Some will be long in recovery, becauseSome refused to hold their tongues, used a worldwide pandemicto stomp the life out of thosestill breathing with politics, religion, position, on and on and on…forgetting everything precious,they could not hold back hidden malice, which poured forth a continuous venomday after day in comments and posts- every slanderousaccusation againstContinue reading “After the Pandemic”