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A little backstory on today’s poetic offering. I had a conversation on the phone with my nephew Todd as I prepared dinner last night. He has been through some upheaval, but I am grateful to know the Lord has taken hold of him.

As I spoke with him, I recalled my early days of seeking God, and trying to follow the way of truth. Trying to bumble around this new life I felt within. Trying to figure out the church and church people with all the confusing mixed messages. Trying to understand scripture and what it had to do with me.

Or more specifically, learning about the One who called Himself, in John 14:6  THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life (emphasis mine). The One who didn’t mince words, leave room for doubt, or room to accept multiple ways. The one who cared not whether what he said would win him favor with the religious elite or the politically inclined.  More

Rise Up America (A Prayer of Hope)

I wrote this poem this morning…it came to me as a song. I am not a musician, but what can I say…I just write what comes. God bless America. Thank you Lord, for this great country, for all the sacrifices and bloodshed it has endured. For all the hope it has shared, for the dreams, visions and hopes you Our Father have had for this adopted child.



The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

Today, I sought a word to help shape my focus and week. We returned home from our Maine vacation aware of all the latest news despite having no TV or internet service for a week. Let me tell you the peace of mind that accompanies this lack is worth the effort. I know news is important, I know we can’t stick our heads in the sand, but the appetite for news feeds and soundbites will leave you malnourished and depleted of optimism toward your fellow man. Devouring words from the world’s outlets will create a soulless, superficial, bitterness that will be hard to displace. I’m learning to be very careful where I place my focus and what I invest my time attending to… More

Learning to Roll With What Comes


“The people and circumstances around me do not make me what I am, they reveal who I am” Laura Schlessinger

I am sitting on a suitcase wearing the hand-knit burgundy poncho my grandmother made for me. At the best of my 2nd grade ability I packed by myself, for myself, anticipating a weekend with the one man in my life, who was becoming more a stranger as the days went on. First the move from our home, then the change of schools, then the weekend visits- which were dwindling from occasional to once in a while. I can’t recall exactly what I packed inside the suitcase, but my Mrs. Beasley doll was by my side. I know I’ve repressed a lot of the pain wrapped in these memories, of the step-father who promised to pick me up each Friday only, to face the reality that he wasn’t showing up again. My mother shuffled me back in the house and into the world of my Barbies I’d go. I remember the tension in the air. The unspoken hostility. Children sense the anger of adults, but perceive all as somehow their own fault.


The Day That Got Away (When Things Don’t Go As You Planned)

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One thing you can count on in life is the fact that time does indeed  go on. Some days the best laid out plans fall by the way side and we can feel discouraged that we have not been productive or frustrated with the way things have turned out. May I offer a word of encouragement ? From one who has had to learn the lesson repeatedly and is, maybe finally getting it, I offer you this simple truth:

God never leaves His throne. 

Friends, this one simple reality can bring peace to the day that just snapped, crackled and popped! Better still acknowledging and affirming this in your unplanned moments will keep you from snapping, crackling or popping. Can I get an Amen?


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