Seated in the Heavenlies (Lent 2016)



Although this may be a poem, it was also straight from my journal this morning. I want to encourage you to make time for your spiritual self to emerge by journaling your heart and prayers on  your own journal pages. I have been feeling dry spiritually the past week…so for me this writing reflects a bit intimacy with God that has been lacking.

I will include it in my Journaling Series- as it a true reflection of my journaling journey. I pray it sparks in you the courage (if you need it) to be raw and real in your spiritual journey, whatever you believe and whatever your heart towards God at this moment.

If these words inspire, encourage or spark a response in you I’d love if  you share your thoughts right here in the comments- but even more importantly, in your own journal- as you so feel led.

As always, thanks for joining me for this journey. Here is this morning’s offering.


Yahweh Sent A Savior



18 But when Yahweh appointed judges for the Israelites, he was with each judge. Yahweh rescued them from their enemies as long as that judge was alive. Yahweh was moved by the groaning of those who were tormented and oppressed. 19 But after each judge died, the people went back to their old ways and acted more corruptly than their parents. They followed, served, and worshiped other gods. They never gave up their evil practices and stubborn ways.

~Judges 2:18-19


Revelation 2016


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So, 2016 has begun to unfold itself before us. We await what is to be, usher in hope, make promises, and expect new things. We cling to the good at the beginning of the year even as life continues to deliver realities which leave us wondering.

With the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, I find myself sober, quiet, still. My Spirit and Soul have been ruminating for months as I process all that has been accomplished, all that remains undone. As I consider again, and again what matters most, least, and still least of all, and how sometimes I have failed to remember the difference.

Whatever remains undone for 2015 needs to be sifted through the hands of my Master before I dare carry it further. Refined by his fire and the start of a new season, I have heightened sensitivity to the unseen realm and loss of appetite for what is seen. This work needs to continue within, as I release my grip on some good things. Some things I love and enjoy.

I sense the Lord gently nudging me to let go. Pick up. Keep. Go further here, stop going there. Release that completely.

As a child walks the beach bending to pick up shells of their own choosing, indiscriminately, until Father or Mother helps them choose the best, and discard the rest, so I am in this new season. 

He is leading me in new directions and I cannot see too far down the road. This is not my preference. I like the Map, Itinerary, and Advanced Booking. I like to know where I will be and when. I like my ducks lined up, and accomplishments too, and doesn’t the world applaud this exact outcome, wildly? Go, Do, Achieve! But, my God is calling me away from this focus.

What does it mean?

I have no idea.

I only know I need to trust and follow His lead, though it lead me into unknown places.

Knowing Him, gives me courage, increases my confidence, draws me to lonely places without acclaim and applause to light the way…

But, right into something I sense is immeasurably better…

His presence. 

Friends, I hope you will join me when I share how I came to my One Word revelation, which is interestingly enough, Revelation, in an upcoming post. For now, I will whet your appetite with  a poem I wrote.


Bird on a Roof


I lie awake; I have become
like a bird alone on a roof.

Psalm 102:7


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