What’s A Few More Mistakes To Add To My List on Monday?

Credit Heloooooooooooo friends, So right from the starting gate, the year is certainly not turning out as I expected. Although I am not completely comfortable at this time to reveal too much. Let’s just say it involves, a certain strong -willed girl, school, choices, decisions, fears, doubts, options, insecurities and lots of opinions of others from manyContinue reading “What’s A Few More Mistakes To Add To My List on Monday?”

God Is Good {A Mom Moment} (RJD #20)

I have this Mom and Me Journal I started around the time my girl was born. There are some deeply moving sentiments in here from the early days of Motherhood. I am so glad I wrote these, although they were sporadic. They capture my emotions. The tenderness of new mom-ness still dripping from my heartContinue reading “God Is Good {A Mom Moment} (RJD #20)”

Beach Baby (RDJ #13)

8 month old Katherine with me on Narragansett Beach. I couldn’t resist taking a different route today, as I perused my journal.  I am doing a double duty share today! I came across the entry (brief and light!) about my daughter’s first  full fledged beach outing. As someone who used to grab her beach towel,Continue reading “Beach Baby (RDJ #13)”

Celebrating Jesus- A Special Lay Out

My Scrap-booking creation celebrating the Savior.  “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8 This is a layout that truly includes a few of my favorite saved bits and pieces-cards, magazine clippings, even an envelope! I used products fromContinue reading “Celebrating Jesus- A Special Lay Out”