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Sometimes words capture us and hold us hostage until we figure out why they resonate so. Have you ever had that happen? You’re drawn to a quote, Bible Verse, comment, song…or a book cover.

The words keep calling you to dance, at least in your mind.


Redeeming Facebook (#iamredeemed)



photo credit: Facebook via photopin (license)

photo credit: Facebook via photopin (license)


For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’- Acts 17:28


This might not be what you think, but as I popped on Facebook this morning to update my status, this is what I wrote (with a teensy bit of editing)…

You can worship Jesus anywhere, anytime…in Spirit in Truth, online and off. When you live life redeemed, you avail yourself to a great  adventure. Why would anyone choose anything less?


My Testimony in Poem (#iamapoet)


Some of the journals from this transformational year.

One night last week I decided to let my Facebook followers choose which journal to share (from three) for Random Journal Day. Cathie H. chose the “Heart” journal from the group pictured above. As I began to thumb through the pages I was overwhelmed with the perfection of this choice and how important it is to be able to look back on our written journals to see clearly what we forget. My One Word for this year is Redeemed. I mean, really it could be my word every year, right? But, this year I knew God was calling me to walk in it more boldly and confidently than ever before. Now as I look back on this journal, I see all the seeds…of His will and purpose right there written on those pages when He first opened my eyes.
Today, I am sharing with you what is one of the earliest poems I wrote after Jesus Christ became my One and Only Hope, Savior, Lord. This journal is full of an excited girl who discovered a God who was not only real, but able to clearly communicate with her. This record of my “bowled over” response, in my awakening to His grace, love, mercy and truth, is a gift to me to re-read after years of enculturation into the churched communities I have travelled. If ever there was evidence that God is found by those who are unchurched…this is it! Friends, I was an opinionated, vocal, religiously opposed, independent, liberal-minded person. BUT, God met me where I was….and brought me to where I am today. Which is exactly the same– but with a completely opposite view-point as before! You know, I never forget that…I know what it is like to live without the mind of Christ, and then be transformed by His grace. It is easy to keep it real when you remember.


A Salute To Me (RJD Link #iamredeemed)


“Nothing else matters so much as being free to reach your dream. The obstacles we overcome are so often within ourselves.”

~ from my journal April 1992

This month for Random Journal Day I am sharing from a journal I rarely look back on. As a matter of fact, you might call this journal a turning point journal. This journal reveals a girl about to come to a crossroads. You might say in Twilight Zone manner, I was about to take a turn down a path I had not anticipated, into the… (enter music).

Many of you know that I was involved in the Fitness Industry for many years as a Personal Trainer and Consultant, but rarely do I like to talk about it. Occasionally I will write about it, but more in an abstract way usually making an analogy of some kind. But the fact remains, many of my “beneath the surface” lessons came while pursuing goals in the physical realm. God continues to use the many experiences I had coaching others and attaining my own goals as a way to elaborate and clarify His purpose for my life, even to this day.

Despite the audacity of my blog post title, and entry, I ask you to bare with me (as well as the pun and bikini clad body- long past, no less) as I share with you a piece of my Redemptive story, walk with me now into my journal and possibly The Twilight Zone…


I Am Redeemed: Faith and Testimony

I’ve told the story to myself many times. The one telling how he walked into my life.  How he turned my world upside down. I’ve played it over in my memory so many times. Haven’t we all had moments in time that lay hold of our imaginations, bump us into our own insignificance by being significant in themselves, ultimately revealing we are significant after all?

Milestones. Defining moments. Crossroads.

Haven’t we all experienced a moment in time so significant that all others pale ever so slightly by comparison?


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