Stop The Insanity, It’s Monday!

You know things are chaotic when your calendar is upside down! Seriously, that was my desk recently. It’s not better, yet. But I am working on it. It seems when I try to get organized or clean, I tend to make a mess. It just works that way. I kinda ‘splode. Everywhere. Sometimes I findContinue reading “Stop The Insanity, It’s Monday!”

"I Do" Monday

Hello, and welcome to Monday in my neck of the woods…er, um…coast.Yes, that makes more sense. This week is special aside of all the other excitement, we celebrate our wedding anniversarythis week. July 5, 2003 was the day we tied the knot after meeting 20 years earlier and maintaining our close friendship throughout the years! Aren’t weContinue reading “"I Do" Monday”