The Writer’s Triad: Journal Keeping, Writer’s Block and Perfectionism (RJD Link Up)

Meet my therapist and faithful friend. The Journal. Currently my therapist is a brown, perfect for traveling in my purse sized, Genuine Bonded Leather companion, made by C.R. Gibson under the name Markings. Perhaps I should call this current journal Mark for short. This is probably one of the favorites I have ever carried andContinue reading “The Writer’s Triad: Journal Keeping, Writer’s Block and Perfectionism (RJD Link Up)”

Random Journal Day Link Up- August 2013

Welcome to RJD Day for August! Howdy, Partners!  The stack of journals (6) you see in the above photo there? 13 bucks total! Woohoo! I scored some clearance journals and you know if you are a journal girl like me, well, YEEHA! I also got 4 really cute bookmarks. Anyhoo… Summer is super busy, with soContinue reading “Random Journal Day Link Up- August 2013”

Why I Journal (RJD Link Up July 2013)

First things first! Welcome to a peek into my journal. Before I let you peek, I want to make sure you know about our monthly Journal Writers Gathering here in the blogosphere. It’s called Random Journal Day and is hosted by Yours Truly and partner in crime  all things writing, Susie of Recovering Church LadyContinue reading “Why I Journal (RJD Link Up July 2013)”