Battling Depression with a Notebook (RJD January 2014)

I usually try to share from older journals, but recently I have been sharing, occasionally, from current journals as well. Generally speaking, I always, ALWAYS, keep one continuous ongoing journal. I carry it everywhere I go (most of the time) within reason, and it is a constant companion, capturing my thoughts, prayers, ideas, random poems,Continue reading “Battling Depression with a Notebook (RJD January 2014)”

Happy New Year and 1st Random Journal Day -Link Up of 2014!

Credit Welcome to the first Random Journal Day of 2014!  Let’s get this party started… If you are new here, please check out the DETAILS, and feel free to jump right on in.  We are a small but faithful community who like to share our hearts on paper, and our words with one another. Please,Continue reading “Happy New Year and 1st Random Journal Day -Link Up of 2014!”

My True Beauty Book (RJD Link December)

For this last share of the year for Random Journal Day, I am opening up one of my favorite journals. Before the internet, and an abundance of books, I purposed to create a special affirming journal. Because it is helpful for me to write, not just read words, I dedicated a journal for scripture whichContinue reading “My True Beauty Book (RJD Link December)”

Join Us For The Last Random Journal Day Link Up of the Year! (December 2013)

Credit Well, friends, gather round! It is the last RJD post for the year and I sure hope you will join in and share a page from your journal! You know, I get such delight as I see what others write, create, doodle, draw, collage, scrap, paint or scribble on paper. I am held captiveContinue reading “Join Us For The Last Random Journal Day Link Up of the Year! (December 2013)”