When Words Fail You (5 Minutes for Faith)

There you are in the quiet of the morning, ready to meet the Lord for strength for the day. Your Bible is open and perhaps you’ve already studied, read or done a devotional.
It’s a little bit like an appetizer to a good meal. But, if all this is appetizer for the quiet time meal,  what’s the main course? Prayer.
But, what about those times when your prayer conversation falls short? What when words fail to come? What when the heart sighs, and the voice is too weary to articulate even the one word prayer, “Help.”
Please, join me at 5 Minutes for Faith for an encouraging word for those times words fail you…
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Join me for Coffee Talk with Jesus – Turbo!

Last month I was blessed and surprised to receive  my very own, signed copy of Coffee Talk with Jesus- Intimate Chats with the Savior by Barbie Swihart. I won a copy during the book launch giveaway she held at her blog-Hooray for giveaways! Having gotten to know Barbie, over the past few years, through blogging and also in her position of Managing Editor at 5 Minutes for Faith, has allowed me to enjoy her friendship, leadership and mentoring all online! Imagine the joy of Jesus, when His own kiddos use the internet resources available to glorify Him in these ways! 
This devotional is a gentle invitation to ease your way into an intimate time of fellowship with Jesus, right now. It is a 31 Day Devotional, but I am proposing that you can read through it at your own pace, or like me- two readings a day, finishing up by the month’s end. I checked Amazon today, and the Kindle version is just 3.99*, while the paperback is 8.09* (If you have Prime, shipping is free).
Well, the best way to enjoy a good book, aside of snuggled up in your comfiest PJ’s and favorite reading spot – with a cup of something hot, is to know that you can share your favorite parts, and reflections with a friend as you go, or when you finish! 
On January 31st, we will gather here for a very special time…“Coffee Time with Barbie”! We will share insights, reflections and any thoughts we had about the book, or reading, right here on the blog -via the comments. 

This devotional readings are short and grace-filled reminders of God’s presence, faithfulness and love, followed by some questions for you to ponder, pray and reflect upon. Also included are a few lines for your own thoughts, responses, and prayers. Consider it a turbo shot of espresso for your faith this January- deliciously perfect for sipping slowly, and enjoying with a friend.
Oh, and for those who love coffee, there are some wonderful coffee infused recipes for you to try! 
I hope you will grab the book, or if you already have it -join me for two readings a day, or reading as you feel led. Also, there will be a special additional surprise on the 31st. No, I can’t tell you what it is, because it’s a surprise. Silly! 
*Prices subject to change- as you know. I am not an Amazon Affiliate as they do not allow RI residents to be affiliates at this time. Boo! However, I do enjoy Prime membership. Please check your favorite bookseller for availability! 
Love this kind of mail!

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Under The Radar {Faith Life Preservers- Day 19}

There are days when the sun comes up, friends that I need to fly solo. 
There are days when I want the quietness to have a chance to seep deep
 into my soul and fill me to overflow.
I hear Heaven in the quiet places.
Sometimes my busy, boisterous, blessed being needs to disappear off the 
Radar Screen of life
and disappear into the presence of God.
Years ago I would just take off into the wild, blue yonder.
I would just drive off (no I am not a pilot) to a favorite beach, 
town or “off the beaten path” coffee shop.
I would walk, think, reflect, write in my journal, and chat with strangers.
These days it’s different.  
Parenting kind of thwarts the desire for spontaneous escapades too far from home. 
My hubby works out of the state and although it’s not far, 
it’s far enough in my parental mind, that I stay closer to the nest.
Just in case. 
My under the radar disappearing act is different now.
I love to disappear into the quiet stillness of my own home when family
 is out at work and school.
 It does not happen often, but when I can escape into the sweet beauty of a quiet, 
day I am blessed, refreshed and so much more willing to fly happily in my flock once more.
Often I have a multitude of outside of the home obligations.
But a sweet day when I can hear the ticking of the clock, 
the settling of the house in seasonal change 
and whistle of the tea kettle on a quiet afternoon, 
I feel blissfully overflowing with stillness and full of a piece of quiet 
that I cling to like a precious treasure. 
Where’d she go?
Have you found a way to grab “a piece of quiet” by flying under the radar?

Some days the kindest thing you can do for yourself and 
those you love is by grabbing some alone time in a way that refreshes you.
Plan a day to disappear off the radar screen of obligations, commitments and tasks.
Be refreshed by flying under the radar!
When you are back in view, you will be like new! 
31 Days of Faith Life Preservers 
October 1-31, 2012
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Solitary Places {Faith Life Preservers- Day 6}

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, 
Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, 
where he prayed.
Mark 1:35
Do you have a solitary place?
A special place you go to rendezvous with
The King of King and Lord of Lords?
I have a few places I sneak off to now and again.
Here’s why.
I want to pray.
I want to hear God, and often do right in the midst of my moment.
He meets me in these places…
 my messy office, on the back patio, curled up on the corner
 of the couch or sitting studiously at the kitchen table .
He’s with me always, it’s true.
I have learned the secret to abiding and it is well with me soul.
He is the Lover of my soul.
He longs to show me great and mighty things that
 I do not know and cannot see unless
I am willing to sacrifice my desire for comfort and predictability
in this uniquely dynamic relationship.
He longs to lead me into greater intimacy with Him and
continuously reveal Himself to me.
He longs the same for you.
But there is in me this ungodliness that would make God my servant.
That would settle for a comfortable Christianity,
that is apart from His good and perfect will for me.
And you, my friend.
So sometimes,
 I must depart from the routine of my sweet quiet times and sneak
away to a solitary place with Him.
Devoid of distractions that are signed,
sealed and delivered with a uniform conformity of my own design.
I walk with him along the coast or seek a wooded path less traveled
 and listen for his voice.
I talk with Him.
He talks with me.
I sit with Him.
He sits with me.
We climb the heights together.
I am reminded of my oneness with Him.
He resonates within my soul.

Find a way to get away to a lonely place to pray.
Step out of your cookie cutter quiet times.
Will you be sure and try?
He will be with you there.

For my sweet busy mama’s burning the candle from both ends, perhaps try this: 
 Light a candle before all of your lovely and beloved distractions arise,
create your secret place, and sacred space in your own home in the darkness of morning.
Just seek Him in the stillness and quietness of the morning.
This will keep the busy-ness of the day hidden from your sight and you to
 (even though you may think you cannot steal way from the home)
will have followed in His footsteps to the lonely place that bears much fruit.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.
Luke 5:16

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31 Day Topics and Bloggers HERE.

Blog Bash Speed Meet

Let’s just make this a speed meet, OK?
So, here is a fascinatingly, fun list of random things about me!
Aren’t you excited you stopped by my blog?
*I started blogging at the end of May of this year- I am a newbie.
*I blog primarily about my Faith and the things I feel the Lord is leading me to share. 
* Tonight I just FINALLY “launched” my second blog, dedicated to Fitness.
*I have been in the field of Fitness (Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor)
 for almost 30 years.
* Apparently I am really almost getting old!
* I have written for my whole life BUT refused to share,
I like to say blogging has helped me “come out of the closet” with my writing.
*I have competed in both power lifting and bodybuilding.
*I love to work with children!
* I teach Sunday School and love it.
*I am a “Domestic Diva” wanna be, but so NOT there!
*I lead a Moms In Touch group at my daughter’s private school and
am grateful to be able to pray with a few faithful moms weekly.
*Words swim through my mind all the time. It might be part of my ADHD, but writing is like breathing to me AND my very close connection with God.
 I guess you could say it’s my Love Language with God.
I am married to my BFF and just so happen to have a beautiful 11 year old daughter
 who knows everything (or at least more than me)!
*I enjoy writing poetry
These are some of my journals
*My writing is a reflection of what is going on “Beneath The Surface”,
the unseen realm of my hidden life with Christ, hence the name.
Here is my Blog place! I really want a laptop!
This is where I sometimes have quiet time.
But sometimes the desk kind of, um, well…
explodes and then I have it somewhere else…

Sometimes I will catch the sunrise and walk and talk with my
Lord along the shore…
we are @ 2 minutes from the beach!

Banjo is my “other man”. I wuv, this Rescue from Arkansas!

Aurora is my quiet time protege and she does not like me to stray
from my morning routine. In the Summer when I had QT on the back patio,
she would rebuke me from the kitchen window, with loud cries.

Buddy is my daughter’s Bunny, but he is part of the family, after all.

Ashley, (Aurora’s sister)  is posing as a lamb here,
see the resemblance?
Well, thanks for stopping by, leave a comment and I will be sure to visit you, real soon!
Happy Blogging!
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