What’s On Your Work-desk Wednesday #161

In case you thought that I am not messy, I want you to know the truth.  I was so overwhelmed with the kindness shown through visits and comments  when I joined in with WOYWW for the first time two weeks ago;  I felt I needed to share my messy desk as I prepare to vacationContinue reading “What’s On Your Work-desk Wednesday #161”

Blue Monday

I have a fetish for these feet…                                                These feet changed my life and seeing my sweet girl off to the  Father-Daughter Dance this year was precious to me. 6th Grade.  Although thisContinue reading “Blue Monday”

Getting Creative With Psalm 119

I will praise you with an upright heart as I learn your righteous laws.Psalm 119:7 Hello Friends, Well you are in for a big treat as you meet the crafty side of me today! Aren’t you amazed with the many facets of my being? I love to find ways to write out God’s Word. IContinue reading “Getting Creative With Psalm 119”

A Short Post on The Longest Chapter in the Bible

Sefer Torah – Photo Credit: Wikpediai I think I have a special place in my heart for the Book of Psalms. It has not always been so, as I remember early on in my Christian life reading them and thinking, wow, this guy is asking God to just take out his enemies in no uncertainContinue reading “A Short Post on The Longest Chapter in the Bible”