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Journal It: Your Perfectly Planned Day


As a person who loves to plan, one of my favorite activities happens to be…um, yeah, well, of course- planning! If you have followed me for any length of time you might know this already. Also if you happened to join me for my brief endeavor with Fitness Blogging then you might even have a Deja-Vu moment. As a Personal Trainer for many years, one of the exercises mandatory for my clients was planning their ideal day, so we could target realistic goals and identify potential stumbling blocks. But one of my very favorite writing exercises is to take this a bit further and plan a perfect day…

I’ll tell you a secret. By planning, writing and pondering a perfect day you are that much closer to experiencing it. So without further adieu…



The Planner- Journal Connection



I have kept a journal since childhood. Some time around early puberty I felt the need to start writing things down. I have no idea what I wrote, but I am pretty sure it had to do with a boy. Mostly all of my early writing attempts did. Teenage journaling was more boys, girl drama and additionally whatever ruffled my feathers. Mostly everything ruffled my feathers. As I grew older, relationships grew more complex, as did my rants. More boys, drama girl stories and lengthier journal entries. I don’t ever remember having a planner in school. I just followed the schedule I was shown. I did not have much of an after school life, so I lived in a planner-less limbo. I was about 20 when I began training for physique competition, attending school  and working part time at a local health club simultaneously. Suddenly, life required more of me than my little planner-less existence could muster! BAM!


One Thing (5 Questions to Shape Your Day)






1. What is one thing you can do TODAY or TOMORROW that will bring you closer to living the life you want to live or being the you you want to be?


2. What is the one thing you will do that will get you closer to a specific goal you have set for yourself?


3. Is there one thing you can think of that stands in the way of you attaining to your goal?


4. What is the one thing you have been putting off doing that you know you should be doing?


5. What is one thing you need to say tomorrow and to whom does it need need to be said?


Answer the questions and do your one thing. Or all the things. But, do no less than one thing.



Life IS Your Mission- Mission Based Planning


Life is kind of funny. It really can get away from you. If you let it. Today I want you to consider the time you spend living and the time you spend planning. Some people have a natural affinity for being organized, planning and getting things done. Some of us have to work harder at it than others. Regardless of where you fall between the lines, the fact is no one hits a mark unless they aim for something. So, what are you aiming for, Friend?

As I’ve coached a number of people over the years, I have noticed something as a common denominator in getting IT (whatever is the it at the time) done. A clearly defined goal…but to have a clearly defined goal, you also need to have an overall picture of what you are aiming for, or what it is you are planning to attain. So, goals are set and choices made in light of your mission.


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