Praise The Lord



It is an adventure to know the One True Living God…day and night His Spirit ministers to us. Our God never sleeps. He is ever attentive to the needs of His people. He is worthy of all praise. This little poem came to me earlier this week.

Praise…simple and profound, directed to and by the One who gives and takes away and ultimately has the final say.

I pray you,

Praise the Lord…


The Winds of March Bring Change





Here I am writing on the last evening of February 2018. I am not sure how your start to this new year has gone so far, but I have an inkling of where it might go if you join me…



How to Celebrate Turning 50 (and a present for YOU!)

photo credit: bemky via photopin cc

photo credit: bemky via photopin cc


I have thought about turning 50 since about the age of 46, when my then nine, about to turn ten, year old daughter came home from school and gleefully proclaimed her latest epiphany. Her teacher had informed her that she was about to hit a milestone. That milestone would become mine as well. What grand news was my daughter excited to share with me on that fateful day? The fact that (as her blessed teacher had told her) she would be a decade old.


Rainy Day Reflections on Hope, Loss and Change

Today I heard the rumbling of thunder and enjoyed the sound of rain. I don’t understand why people get so uptight about rainy days because to me, they are glorious. Rainy days give me a green light to curl up with a good book, steamy cup of tea in my relaxed Thinker’s Pose, as I ponder away the deeper things in life or just stare into space. Even if I have to go out in the rain – I accept it as easy as sunshine. Why wouldn’t I? After all both come from the same source.
 If I question “Why?” for every rainy day or negative circumstance, shouldn’t I also question the same way for every good thing that God allows to touch my life?
Every loss I can count as gain, in the end, because I know that God will not allow anything in my life to be wasted. He is a most economical God. He could teach the greenest of Green a few things on efficiency because he wastes nothing in the realm of circumstance. If it touches my life there is purpose. 

If it has touched your life God will teach you something, grow you and take you through it. 
What is my part and yours? It is to see the sunshine in the rain. It is to bring your own sunshine with you wherever you go. It can be done only as we yield and accept all, as filtered through the hands of a faithful, loving God. He can be nothing less than what He is. Only believe. You think this is fluff?
Not so friend. Name your pain. You are wondering why God isn’t coming through the way you expected, planned or desired? You doubt if he has heard your prayers. You think he has forgotten you? You believe you are beyond help with some struggle or sin? 
Well, I will tell you what I have told others, while working as a Personal Trainer, when a client backslides, slips up, or just plain blows it with their efforts. As long as you have breath, there is hope. Sometimes, I would say, as a client stood on the scale, staring in disbelief. I looked dead straight on and asked, “Is it a tombstone?” Of course the response was no, it’s a scale; therefore the number reflected is not permanent. It is temporary. Changeable. Possibly like your circumstance, that needs to be addressed in time. 
God is the Author of Change and Hope. The beauty of it is, we are woven into the very fabric of His story. He is making us beautiful in His eyes. 
It costs.
 It cost Him his very life’s Blood. It buys freedom that no one can take from us. 

My friend, Rejoice. The same One that brings the rain, brings the sunshine.
Rainy days and trials are like puddles, sometimes you jump over them. Sometimes you travel through them…and sometimes, after He’s brought you through many storms, you jump in that puddle and rejoice, knowing it’s not the storm that is in control, not the rain that matters, not the rising waters, but His Faithful Presence alone. His love endures forever and He is good. Sometimes puddles are reminders of His faithfulness, reflections of His grace.

Remember, when the rain comes it brings new life with it. For that which has weathered the storm is left both resilient and beautiful.
Rest assured He will create in each one of us both resilience and beauty, in His time.
Passages to Ponder on Rainy Days (Click on Scripture for instant encouragement from the Word of God with thanks to Bible Gateway):
  2 Corinthians 1:3-5
 Philippians 1:18-19
Philippians  4:4 
Colossians 1:19-20
 2 Timothy 4:18,
 Hebrews 5:8-10
1 Peter 1:3-5 
Job 1:21
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Heart Cry {Event Invitation}

“Restrain your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears, 
for there is a reward for your work, declares the Lord, 
and they shall come back from the land of the enemy. 
There is hope for your future, declares the Lord, 
and your children shall come back…” 
Jeremiah 31:16-17
It’s almost time. 
The clock is ticking.
Our Summer days and relaxed schedules will be the 
sweet memories we look back upon during the Fall and Winter.
Yes, I just said that!

Fall, as you know means back to school for our children.
Some children may be entering Kindergarten, some college-
but you know what they all have in common?

They all need Moms who pray.
One more thing. 
We all need to be Moms who pray!
How would you like to spend one morning, 
seeking God for His vision
for your children and your motherhood 
for this coming season, 
this school year?
Come worship, praise, pray and let your heart cry out with other 
moms and women in various seasons of life to the 
God who hears our hearts clearly.
Come catch some God-Sized Inspiration for your Mom
 journey this year at this interactive, uplifting event!

Top Ten Reasons for attending 

10.   The cost is so reasonable. 
$10 at the door
$ 5 in advance 

9. Children’s sports not started yet!   
Save the date: September 8th.
See event flyer HERE 

8. Light breakfast refreshments provided 
baked by some wonderful chefs-

7. Doors open at 8:45AM and we will be done by Noon.

6. Located close to the seacoast. 
It’s a perfect location for you and your friends (fellow bloggers?)
to head to the ocean for a bag lunch and fellowship before your trip home. 

 *Held at Eliot Baptist Church, 
912 Harold L. Dow Highway (Rte 236) in Eliot, Maine. 
Eliot is within 15 minutes of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, 
and only 6 minutes off of RTE 95.

5. Great opportunity to praise and worship with 
women who love the Lord from all over New England!

4. Incredible group of worship leaders, 
with the focus being on Jesus, the King of kings!

3. Preparing for the year ahead: 
 Gathering together for this event and being reminded that prayer 
is essential in a world where the enemy and our culture 
battle for the lives of our children.

2. A great introduction to the  Moms in Prayer  experience. 
Praying shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart.
You will come away ready to pray your way through 
whatever comes your way this school year!

1. A time to unite our hearts in prayer !

On behalf of Sharon Gamble, Moms In Prayer and all of my fellow praying Moms,
please join us as we come together to pray, rejoice, seek and enjoy His presence!

I am planning to be there;
 will you join me?

*Sharon Gamble 
New England Regional Director 
Moms in Prayer International 

 *Learn more about this very inspiring Facilitator
and Leader under my FAITH TAB!

*Gently modified for blogger/reader user friendliness 
from Sharon’s Top Ten Reasons To Attend Heart Cry

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