I’ve Got No Answers

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn  Should never crave the rose.”  ― Anne Brontë I’ve got no answers. I hate that. Personally, I am a fan of knowledge. I am one who loves to seek answers. If I don’t know a word, I go to the dictionary. Not clear on details of aContinue reading “I’ve Got No Answers”

Sexism: Alive and Well – Coming to a Place Near You!

Credit ************************** sex·ism  (skszm) n. 1. Discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women. 2. Attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender. sexist adj. & n. ************************* She knew it from the get go.The initial conversation was promising, she thought they were on the same page and in many waysContinue reading “Sexism: Alive and Well – Coming to a Place Near You!”

What If? {5 Minute Friday: Again}

Credit Here I go again– 5 minutes@ 10:00  on my mark, set, go… Again and again I ask myself…what if? Those two words that bring forth possibility or possibly condemnation. What if, I say yes and it’s the wrong thing? What if I can’t? What if I do and fail? What if it’s not HisContinue reading “What If? {5 Minute Friday: Again}”