A Little Prayer for a Big Pandemic (or vice versa)

Today, a prayer from my journal that became a poem to share. May the words be received, and may they do the work they need to in the heart of the one who needs the work to be done in them, including me. Amen.

Speak Love

Speak Love Lord, We know you’re not to blamethough we grumble and complainalong the way, forget your name…speak love to us, Lord, speak love. When we’re weary and upsetabout the things we can’t forgetover tragedies we’ve wept-speak love to us, Lord, speak love. When we grow cold and long for homefrom your path we oftenContinue reading “Speak Love”

All Things Are Possible

You are worthy of my trust, my complete trust. You are worthy of my confidence, my complete confidence. I have nothing, nothing I can give; but I ask you today, this day, please help me to live.   Not in my former ways,  trusting no one-least of all my self Not in what I can’tContinue reading “All Things Are Possible”