After the Pandemic

Some will be long in recovery, becauseSome refused to hold their tongues, used a worldwide pandemicto stomp the life out of thosestill breathing with politics, religion, position, on and on and on…forgetting everything precious,they could not hold back hidden malice, which poured forth a continuous venomday after day in comments and posts- every slanderousaccusation againstContinue reading “After the Pandemic”

Qui Vive

Can you hear my silent heart this morning, Lord?I am not angry.I am not sulking. I am here among the birds,awaiting my portion.They gather twigs, and bits of twine for their nests. But I have become as one about to take flightinto a great and vast sky,never to return to my former state.


Stirring the soup of this so-called life, seasons swirl in my mind,
glimpses of who I have been, swimming in my consciousness
stirring within a stew of questions, tiny bits bubbling up
swirling in my brain’s broth, one question rising…
as the scales fall from my eyes-
who am I, now?