A Poet Responds to a Painting

  Recently I received some fabulous mail from a Canadian friend. It was chock full of the kind of ephemera we journaling types adore.  Canada is celebrating it’s 150th birthday this year but it seems I get the presents. She included a lovely Starbucks Canadian travel mug I have been toting back and forth onContinue reading “A Poet Responds to a Painting”

The Not So Hidden World of Notnarnia

So, at dVerse this week, Anthony Desmond served up a prompt for “Poetics” saying “Let’s tap into that childlike creativity for today’s Poetics: create a fantasy world, and try to stay away from the familiar; be outlandish in your writing, e.g., trees take root in the clouds and it rains blackberries and oranges, instead ofContinue reading “The Not So Hidden World of Notnarnia”