Trusting God with our Time (Guest Post by Laura Boggess)

  Today is a special day, I am turning my blog place over to the lovely Laura Boggess who has just released her beautiful book Playdates with God- Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown Up World. I shared a bit about that last week in this POST.  I am honored to have Laura hereContinue reading “Trusting God with our Time (Guest Post by Laura Boggess)”

On Reading, Lists and Playdates

    Finding time to read is important to me. I am not the fastest reader, I tend to languidly go along. reading and re-reading what is significant to me. Some books encourage this, others don’t- but the one I am reading now, by Laura Boggess invites it wholeheartedly. Playdates with God: Having a childlikeContinue reading “On Reading, Lists and Playdates”