What is Planner Boot Camp?



I’ve procrastinated long enough…for better AND worse, you are hereby invited to join us for the 3rd Annual Planner Boot Camp!

So here is a brief summary of what this is all about.


My Darling Personal Assistant (A bit about Planner Love for those who understand or long to)



I bet some of you didn’t know I have a Personal Assistant.

When I meet with her regularly she really helps me stay on track with the things I need to do, such as appointments, obligations and commitments. I mean, who doesn’t need a personal assistant these days with so much ado about nothing?

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she does the work I need to do for me, she just reminds me, guides me and keeps me from forgetting important stuff. Occasionally she has  a spiffy quote to lay on me. Usually she looks fabulous, but I know that’s not what’s really important. I just am so impressed with her polished appearance at times, I mean, if she’s my sidekick and looks good, that must mean something about the company she keeps.


Longing for Languid Days



It’s a rainy Saturday here in Rhode Island this morning. The kind of day, I like to sip tea, and stare out the window. I’ve already written a poem, although my tea has grown cold. I’m not ready to slip from morning to midday. I want my lovely, slightly lazy morning to last a bit longer. I rebel against my To Do List if only for a little while, because ultimately I know it will benefit me, and probably those around me. All Task and no Play make for a cranky planner person. Trust me on this. I’ll go one further in saying this: Languid days and times are needful.

If your schedule does not allow you the time to smell the roses, or stare out a window on a rainy morning, dahling, you simply are not living. Well actually, rose smelling is hard for me with my allergies…but I still make time for it!

I have found that when I do not make time for small breaks from schedule I feel disconnected, from myself, and others.  More

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