When The Cat Pukes on Your Planner-Thoughts on Messy Signs From God

    I know what you’re probably thinking to yourself…EW- who would ever write about cat puke on  anything, let alone their planner. Well, friends, welcome to my world. It’s a place that is fun to visit, but if you are queasy, you do not want to live here with me. Quite honestly, I think GodContinue reading “When The Cat Pukes on Your Planner-Thoughts on Messy Signs From God”

Confessions and a Word on Planner Peace

    I hear a lot of people talking about finding planner peace. I find this both amusing and alarming. I want to tell you a little secret. Lean in. Since there is no perfect planner, you’ll find no planner peace. Nothing this side of eternity is perfect, nothing here will satisfy you always. WeContinue reading “Confessions and a Word on Planner Peace”

Color Coding, Creativity and Calendars- Oh My!

  I have stated in earlier posts the importance of keeping things simple, however this is a relative expectation. For some it means one thing and others, something entirely different. Recently, I have had an epiphany about my planner style. After exploring and enjoying a bit of overly expressive calendar decorating in my planner, IContinue reading “Color Coding, Creativity and Calendars- Oh My!”

Even More Top Tips For (Wanne Be) Planner People

  Welcome to Day 25 of the Planning with Purpose Series! This post will round out the previous posts, “Top Tips For (Wanna Be) Planner People” and “More Top Tips For (Wanna Be) Planner People” and give the final 4 Top Tips. Briefly here is a list of the tips we’ve covered so far. You can headContinue reading “Even More Top Tips For (Wanne Be) Planner People”