What is Planner Boot Camp?



I’ve procrastinated long enough…for better AND worse, you are hereby invited to join us for the 3rd Annual Planner Boot Camp!

So here is a brief summary of what this is all about.


Planner Love & The Illusion of Control (Planner Boot Camp Post 1)


The first Planner Boot Camp is underway with 96 participants to my awe and amazement. I want to thank all of those who have enrolled for your confidence (silly wabbits) in me and thanks to my friends at APA for the support and love. Use Guys Is My Peoples! I am overwhelmed in the response and had hoped to pilot this adventure back in November/December, but the car accident on October 31 threw a wrench into those plans. So here we are kicking off the first PBC full speed ahead.


If you were unable to enroll in this session, consider yourself lucky…I can work out all the quirks with this first round of guinea pigs and have it all fine tuned before the next round! Consider reading my Planning with Purpose series– it covers a lot of the ground we will cover in Boot Camp! 

Those currently enrolled should receive the first e-mail with your Week 1 PBC requirements tonight (Sunday). God willing.


Confessions and a Word on Planner Peace




I hear a lot of people talking about finding planner peace. I find this both amusing and alarming. I want to tell you a little secret. Lean in.

Since there is no perfect planner, you’ll find no planner peace.

Nothing this side of eternity is perfect, nothing here will satisfy you always. We are a restless people. Always seeking, never satisfied. We do it with every aspect of our lives. Once we can accept that this dis-contentedness leads us to distraction, we can begin to seek instead to be content and grateful for what is available now and get on with the business of living…and planning. Recognize this: satisfaction is but for a season, seasons change, as do we; as do our needs, and so shall our desires, goals and planner passions.

If you accept that your planner is like partner, able to change,  adapt, be flexible, then you will be free of the need to find something that is elusive anyway.




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