Best Summer Moments Captured (#1 Mystic Aquarium)

In June we visited the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, with fellow Homeschoolers for our end of school field trip. Pictured above My Girl with one of the Beluga Whales that resides at this beautiful aquarium. So, this Monday is the Monday that officially ends Summer. Unless you live in Narragansett, Rhode Island, in which case, theContinue reading “Best Summer Moments Captured (#1 Mystic Aquarium)”

She Dreamed Herself A Rose

One summer evening the kind where the breeze blows through  open windows and white sheers dance a hypnotic dance… she dreamed a dream moon peeking  eyes squinting blue-black sky  star splattered canvas lulling her to the never-never place tree branch scritch-scritching the roof  night time melody toad symphony wait shh. eyes heavy satisfied, gently squeezingContinue reading “She Dreamed Herself A Rose”