You See


“One hundred years from now, who is to say our attitudes in the present day won’t be taken to task?”

Michele Bogart  




You See


You see,

saying, “I see clearly.”


You see,

passing judgement in time.


You see,

so you say,  the sins of others

from long ago days-


You see,

and in so saying,

are blind.




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Quote : Columbus Day is a chance to acknowledge a nuanced history in a polarized world


What The Rose Knows



One year ago today I wrote about the lesson I learned from the beautiful peach rose at the end of our walkway. Today, the post, which I shared on my blog, showed up in my Facebook feed and I read my own words from exactly one year ago. Ironically, I had just come in from walking the dog, and it is a beautiful Fall day with afternoon chirping crickets…It’s like Deja Vu.

I hope you won’t mind, I edited the post down a bit, but I wanted to share the message, modified and magically new.I pulled from the original what was significant to me today.

If you have written for any length of time at all, you start to see some themes that continuously re-surface. I pray that the essence of the writing speaks to your heart…

I linked the original post at the end of this version if you want to see how and what I extracted.


Gaining A Clear Perspective

It’s October. You have been planning your Fall schedule and considering the busy days ahead. 
How do you see exercise fitting into this schedule? 
I want to help you see EXERCISE differently because that will be the key to your success. 
ex·er·cise   [ek-ser-sahyz] 
1. bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health: 
Walking is good exercise.
2. something done or performed as a means of practice or training: 
exercises for the piano.
3. a putting into action, use, operation, or effect: the exercise of caution.
Let’s just take the broad view here for our understanding.
Stay with me for a minute!
Exercise is defined as something we do, physically or mentally.
I will be clarifying on this important point more in the future 
and how understanding the mental aspect can help you succeed.
Exercise is something to be “practiced” with regularity.
Exercise in itself denotes action and use. 
OK, so now I want to ask what feelings come up when you think of the word exercise? 
Words like fun, exuberance, excitement?
dread, intimidation, distaste and disgust?
Be honest!
How you see exercise, how YOU define it…SEE it,  in your own mind,
 is instrumental in your ability to maintain and gain a healthier lifestyle. 
It starts in the mind.
The mind is the first thing that needs to change
in your journey to a more active life!
It can be done. 

After all, trying to fit something into your schedule that you dread is going to take some mighty orchestrating, yes? We need to begin the battle in the mind. 

I believe this is not unlike our own Christian or Faith walk. We win or lose those battles first, in the mind, then outwardly in our lives. 

We actually have to be transformed spiritually, as believers.

As a person who also wants to apply this thinking about how they value fitness- we need to allow our attitudes, ideas, thoughts and misconceptions, to which we cling, be “transformed”. We need to take small steps in our thinking to break free and gain new ground on our journey to better health. 

It can be done. 
It just takes a little bit of adjusting our vision. 

This post is part of the series: 

Perspective: A Conversation Remembered

I remember the conversation. He said that things would look different as I looked back on them in the future. He assured me that as I stood looking back in time I would see things that were occurring at this particular time,  in a different light. Perspective. How it can change over time. How years and wisdom reveal it. Peel back perspective and what do you have? Truth. It seemed hidden at the time he spoke to me. But I trusted his words. Trusted him. This one that walked me to the Savior and seemed to stand within the gates of Heaven. Not perfect, but peaceful. Solid in truth, this friend. I trusted him and I do not regret it. I trusted his words because I knew that the one he leaned on was the same one I wanted to learn to lean on. Was learning. This One certainly has changed my perspective. Continues to peel back my perceptions and wipe away lies with His fingertips. Scales fall, perspective is changed. Daily, by His grace.

Five Minute Friday,  where we write for 5 minutes. Today our word is Perspective. Check out the link below to visit and see for yourself more 5 minute posts and perhaps join in. I am late today, but love this link and Friday challenge!

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