The Elephant and Me (That’s Just Gross)

Q: How do you eat an elephant?  A: One bite at a time. But really, that’s just gross. Some days I open up my mouth and surprise myself. Really. Sadly, it’s not always because what came out was brilliant or anything. Usually, it is more revealing. Although I have stood on a stage in aContinue reading “The Elephant and Me (That’s Just Gross)”

You Mean I’m Supposed to Rejoice?

Rain-kissed Roses in my front yard .  Oh, I know I am going to hate myself for using this cliche, so please forgive me but consider yourself warned: when it rains it pours! Doesn’t  it seem that way sometimes? Today I heard the rumbling of thunder and enjoyed the sound of rain. I don’t understand whyContinue reading “You Mean I’m Supposed to Rejoice?”