Frequently Asked Questions? (#31DaysFitinFit)

Credit Today I address some random questions about our 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness. Please feel free to ask me ANYTHING today in the comments section and I will be sure and answer. Be nice, though.  Q. Why did you come up with this challenge, and how did you decide on the details? A.Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions? (#31DaysFitinFit)”

Fitting In Fitness in Fall {Fitness For The Fainthearted}

Today I am over at my other Blog and getting ready to share  some fitness motivation, inspiration and answers to  YOUR  questions this coming month!  I am getting back into my work schedule  (and finding my own fitness groove again- slowly!)  and looking forward to writing more over there-  so I hope you will joinContinue reading “Fitting In Fitness in Fall {Fitness For The Fainthearted}”

Spiritually Stretched {5 Minute Friday}

Stretching. My mind goes to both the literal and the physical.  I consider how God uses everything to teach us. Wastes nothing.  This past year I have been stretched.  My faith has been stretched.  My expectations and preconceived ideas about faith and have also been stretched.  But here is the thing.  When a muscle is stretched, it isContinue reading “Spiritually Stretched {5 Minute Friday}”

At Which Point God Shows Up For Coffee {Connect}

Well Friends, as you know Friday is the day I write for five minutes for 5 Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo’s place and I want to invite you there if you have not already ventured on over! I love these prompts and even the five minute limit. Lord knows, I need limits! Well before IContinue reading “At Which Point God Shows Up For Coffee {Connect}”